Copper Cable

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Copper cables are Tier 2, the 2nd-most common cable tier. They are capable of handling Medium Voltage (up to 128 EU-p), losing 1 EU every 5 blocks.

They are also used in the creation of Electronic Circuits.


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Grid Copper Cable.png

Copper Cable

Copper Cable

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Grid Copper Cable.png

Grid Insulated Copper Cable.png

See: Crafting Guide


(OLD)If you move too close to the uninsulated copper cable you may get an electric shock which does damage to the player so it's best to insulate your cables.

  • This feature seems to be disabled in Experimental versions of IC2 (Test made in 2_2.0.277-experimental)

Cable Efficiency

Cable type Max packet
Uninsulated Copper Wire 128 EU-p
Insulated Copper Wire 128 EU-p