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Did you ever had loads of time to wait, as well as numerous Energy Crystals to spare, but couldn't get yourself to flatten that giant mountain over there?
Picture na.png

Don't have nukes at hands, as well?

Now, just use this Flatificator program for the Terraformer. It will fastly eradicate all natural blocks ABOVE the height level of the placed terraformer.

It cannot remove man-made materials, though.

As well, it will fill all areas below the Terraformers height level with simple dirt. Means, it can flatificate BOTH WAYS, HAYO!


Grid Dirt.png

Grid Dirt.png
Grid Tfbp.png
Grid Dirt.png

Grid Dirt.png

Grid Flatificator.png

See: Crafting Guide


Input: Needs a minimum of 40 EU/s

Further Info

Flattens an area that may be bigger than 20 by 20 meters, and only works above ground.