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The Fluid Distributor is the only way to distribute Fluids. No longer does one need to worry about sending Universal Fluid Cells on minecarts (except maybe for long distances)! It does not require EU to operate! Fluid Distributors have an internal storage of 1B (1,000mB).


The sides of the Fluid Distributor are color coded: blue means input while green means output. The machine won't automatically suck liquids from the world or from the internal tank of another block, but it does use those Fluid Ejector Upgrades from that recipe to automatically output liquids from its internal buffer. The Fluid Distributor has two modes:

  • Distribution
    • One input face and five output faces. Fluid is distributed to valid outputs, in the order WEST, EAST, DOWN, UP, NORTH, then SOUTH.
  • Concentration
    • Five input faces and one output face.

The facing of the machine is the uniquely colored side. Change the facing with a Wrench, just like other machines. By default, the machine will be in Distribution mode with the blue input face in your (horizontal) direction. To switch between these modes, open the GUI. On the right, it tells you the current mode. Click the button in between "Mode:" and "distribute" (or "concentrate" if it is in Concentration mode) to switch modes.

On the left side of the GUI are two slots. The top slot is for empty Cells or Universal Fluid Cells. The bottom slot is where the machine will output filled Cells/Universal Fluid Cells after they have been automatically filled. You have to grab the filled Cells/Universal Fluid Cells yourself; if you want automation, use a Fluid/Solid Canning Machine.

The middle of the GUI is the internal tank, which holds 1,000mB of fluid.


Grid Fluid Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Fluid Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Empty Cell.png
Grid Fluid Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Machine.png
Grid Empty Cell.png
Grid Fluid Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Fluid Ejector Upgrade.png
Grid Empty Cell.png
Grid Fluid Distributor.png

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