Empty Booze Barrel

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Empty Booze Barrel
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Type Brewing
Tool  ?
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This is the container needed for brewing beer. The Empty Booze Barrel needs to be placed above a wooden scaffold and then have water cells, hops and wheat placed inside by holding them in your hand and right-clicking the barrel.

Fermentation will then begin. The outcome will depend on the ratio of the ingredients and how long they've been left to ferment.

Using a treetap on the barrel will stop fermentation and allow you to fill up stone mugs. Fermentation will continue when the tree tap is removed.


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Grid Empty Booze Barrel.png

See: Crafting Guide


List of First Words:

1 ingredient : 2 Water Cells = Watery

2 ingredients : 3 Water Cells = Lite

1 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)

3 ingredients : 2 Water Cells = Strong

2 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Thick

3 ingredients : 1 Water Cells = Stodge

List of Second Words:

Any wheat : 0 Hops = Soup

1 Wheat : 1 Hops = Regular (This means that this word will be left blank)

1 Wheat : 2 Hops = Dark

2 Wheat : 1 Hops = White

3 Wheat : 1 Hops = Alcfree

1 Wheat : 3 Hops = Full

1 Wheat : 4 Hops = Black

List of Third Words:

No Fermenting Time = Brew

2 hours Fermenting Time = Youngster

4 hours Fermenting Time = Beer

12 hours Fermenting Time = Ale

24 hours Fermenting Time = DragonBlood

Note that if you use a ratio not listed on here, such as 3:2, it will round to the nearest ratio.


6 Wheat, 2 hops, 4 water cells, 2 hours Fermenting time = Thick Alcfree Youngster

12 Wheat, 6 hops, 27 water cells, No fermenting time = Lite White Brew