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Industrial Diamond.png = Concept is already done and implemented into the mod.

Wall.png = Concept is already (similar) done in other mods and thus should be easy to implement / Concept is trivial enough to be easy to implement.

Sponge.png = Concept sounds reasonable, but it isn't yet known whether it can actually be done.

Skeleton.png = Concept would be nice, but is entirely utopic/speculative and unlikely to be implemented.

As noone can possible create all items he needs by himself, some sort of trading class could come in handy.

  • Industrial Diamond.png Tradebox, a block to sell and buy items with per-owner defined prices, even if said owner isn't online
  • Industrial Diamond.png Coins, made of gold
  • Industrial Diamond.png Personal Chest, unopenable by other players
  • Industrial Diamond.png Is less affected by full inventorys, whereas this causes slowdown to other players.
  • Sponge.png Caraven Box. A special tradebox which can "trade" with a not-existing caraven, kinda a gold-to-item and reverse transformer, this way a trader could create desired goods out of nothing (though it takes gold)
  • Wall.png Cheaper crafting of minecraft tracks
  • Sponge.png Goods, some special item that gets more valuable the further it is carried and can be used (with excessive travelling) to create gold from nothing
  • Sponge.png Backpack to store more stuff in inventory

Tools of the trade

  • Gold
  • Personal chests
  • Tradeboxes
  • Minecarts/Tracks

Level Perks

  • Level 10 Perks - More Gold Per Ingot - Personal chests - Trade boxes Minecart
  • Level 40 Perks - More Gold Per Ignot? Tracks / Minecart Chest / Power Minecart
  • Level 70 Perks - More Gold Per Ignot? Powered Tracks / Detector Tracks

How to level

  • Start with Gold Ingots and Turn them into Gold Coins once ever 4 mins no more.
  • Fill up your inventory
  • Take stuff in and out of chests

Pro Tips

  • Get some gold ignots or ore about 20.
  • Every 4 minuets turn 1 ignots into coins.
  • Do until level 10.
  • Create a personal chest and trade boxes personal chests will prevent people from stealing from you!
  • Place pcs next to trade boxes and set up a store.
  • Have a full inventory to get bonus inventory.
  • Carrying gold coins gets bigger bonuses??
  • Higher levels will make more gold coins from ingots so don't go crazy on your ore until higher levels.
  • Set up mine carts at level 40? Between your store houses.