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Industrial Diamond.png = Concept is already done and implemented into the mod.

Wall.png = Concept is already (similar) done in other mods and thus should be easy to implement / Concept is trivial enough to be easy to implement.

Sponge.png = Concept sounds reasonable, but it isn't yet known whether it can actually be done.

Skeleton.png = Concept would be nice, but is entirely utopic/speculative and unlikely to be implemented.

A class meant to get into any spot, being capable of stealthily annoying/killing castle inhabitants, spying or stealing stuff.

  • Industrial Diamond.png Dagger, dealing more damage from behind. The more exactly behind you are, the higher the damage. A "PointBlanc" (considered on less then a few DEGREES difference) will even trigger a neat thunder sound and an instant kill.
  • Industrial Diamond.png Reduced Fall damage, higher speed and further jumps
  • Industrial Diamond.png Climbing ability, but will cause exhaustion (debuff)
  • Wall.png Grapple Hook
  • Industrial Diamond.png Can avoid traps (on later levels plainly walk over them) more easyly.
  • Sponge.png Elite Dagger, much more lethal one, throwable as well
  • Industrial Diamond.png Assassin suit, granting light speed boost and less visibility (name above your head -wise)