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Industrial Diamond.png = Concept is already done and implemented into the mod.

Wall.png = Concept is already (similar) done in other mods and thus should be easy to implement / Concept is trivial enough to be easy to implement.

Sponge.png = Concept sounds reasonable, but it isn't yet known whether it can actually be done.

Skeleton.png = Concept would be nice, but is entirely utopic/speculative and unlikely to be implemented.

What would Minecraft be without mining? Ofc we need a guy to harvest ores and stuff. That's what this class is meant for.

  • Industrial Diamond.png Boost of pickaxe&Shovel speed
  • Industrial Diamond.png TNT (Would be removed for normal classes)
  • Industrial Diamond.png Faster furnace with querys for more effective smelting
  • Wall.png High-Heat furnace, used to smelt faster and more advanced alloys, need for new tools and weapons.
  • Wall.png Blast Furnace, a special block to create gunpowder, as well as instantly smelting stuff by using gunpowder.

The tools:

  • Wooden pick axe - try not to use after level 10
  • Stone pick axe - at level 10 you can use this.
  • Iron pick axe - main tool power levels up with you
  • Gold pick axe - useless
  • Diamond pick axe - useless
  • TNT - You are the only one who gets to use this.
  • High-Temperature Furnaces
  • Advance Furnaces

Level Perks

  • Level 10 - Faster Pick Axe Speed? Use of Iron Pick Axes?
  • Level 40 - Faster Pick Axe Speed? Can create advance furnaces/High-Temperature Furnace Girron Alloy
  • Level 70 - Faster Pick Axe Speed? Obtain use of TNT and ability to create.
  • Level 100 - Fastest Pick Axe Speed Available (Secret Recipe Coming Soon?)

Pro Tips

  • Get at least 64 wood for tools and chests.
  • Get charcoal or torches if u can.
  • Find a safe spot to start digging. Mine down to layer 6, press f3 to find out were u are. And Strip Mine,
  • Create a home to store your goods underground close to your strip mine.
  • Pro tip: get a personal chest to store rare resources.
  • Coal,iron,diamond,gold and redstone give the most xp.
  • gravel and sand are useful to a point but give 0 xp.
  • Get a iron pick axe asap it increases in power with your level, stone mines stone almost as fast early thu.
  • Girron Alloy Is the Diamond of Medivial Craft... Protected it wisely.