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The Mixer is the primary and most important tool of any alchemist. With it, you can turn simple ingredients into powerful healing items, buff agents and deadly poisons. Just make sure to remember which is which before drinking!


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The mixer can be placed just like any furnace or workbench


Reddel Powder



The creation of a potions is made of 5 steps.

-First, you need to fill a Glass Vial of water.

-Second, since no one wants to drink the same water the Beast Talker took a bath in, you will have to distill the water. To do so, treat the interface like any furnace, where the fuel goes on the bottom and the vial goes right on top of it. (note: the output and the input square for the vials is the same, which means only one can be processed at any given time)

-Third, you need to get alchemical reagents. The easiest way to do so is to burn ingredients, like flowers. Different ingredients will result in different reagents, with different success rate and yeld

-Fourth, you put the distilled water and the reagents in the mixer, provide fuel and...voilà! A potion is made! (Note: making a potion may take some time. Be sure to provide enough fuel)

-Fifth, and this is optional, you need to strengthen the potion itself. A potion made with just one reagent will, in fact, be quite weak. To solve this issue, just burn more reagents into an already made potion