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Return (String) System.getNewsOfTheDay();
MedievalCraft-Namespace added. 

What's this?

MedievalCraft will be, as the name implies, a mod concentrating on the "Medieval" aspect of Minecraft. Thus, there will be no high-tech stuff, neither steampunk.

As well, most stuff will be minecraft-ized realistic, no magic or fantasy stuff.

As well, MedievalCraft will focus on SMP. This means, it will be coded from scratch on to work as well as possible on Servers.

I will not hold back on modfiying base files, which will cause various incompatibilitys, but as well opens a lot of options for entirely new features.

For example:

  • Levl'ing up in 10 distinct classes, unlocking new tools, blocks and recipes, as well as abilities
  • Advanced mechanics, like poison, speed potions, different damage/armor based on classes
  • A entirly new level of PvP, either in direct battles or in the grasp for economical domination

A main aspect of Medieval Craft will be castles. Since this mod will as well benefit "wars" among players, building open towns isn't that much recommended.

Instead, players are recommended to build castles, with special, nearly indestructible blocks, generating some sort of "Siege the castle" scenarios.

As well, the mod will come (later on) with a various number of config settings, allowing admins to disable certain classes at will.

Or, f.e., disable levling up for everyone not listed on a special list (allowing some sort of new "whitelist").

Of course this mod will come with a couple of Anti-Griefing mechanisms, mainly logging ones (which will make it easier to detect Griefing and ban people accordingly).

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Last but not least the Credits

Support the developer Alblaka of MedievalCraft with a small Donation :)

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