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Following mods are used by MedievalCraft:

(Install Risugamis Modloader first, then ModladerMP.)

Please pay attention on downloading the right version and don't spam useless posts, if you did something wrong.

One post is enough or you use the Bug/Support-Form on the Blog.


Client-sided Version[edit]

First make sure, you have deleted the META-INF-folder and installed Modloader and ModloaderMP right. (You should start Minecraft one time to test it)

Then extract the downloaded zip-file and put the content of the into minecraft_jar folder, what a surprise, into the minecraft.jar.

Next step is, to put the MedievalCraftConfig.txt into .minecraft\bin\.

(If the config doesn't load, try to put the MedievalCraftConfig.txt into .minecraft\.

Server-sided Version[edit]

First install the SDK's ModloaderMP Server (or patch your minecraft_server.jar to become one).

Attention: You have to install the server-sided version... Don't try the client-sided. It won't work.

After that, copy all files from the server folder into your minecraft_server.jar.


Question: After modifying the minecraft.jar, nothing changes and I can't use new recipes?
Answer: You probably forgot to install ModLoader as well. No ModLoader, no mod being loaded.

Question: Why my Minecraft crashes if I rightclick an already placed MeC-Furnace/Tool-Block?
Answer: You're using an incompatible version of ModLoader. Check the descriptions above to see which version is ned for this mod.

Question: Why my Minecraft give my the error message: couldn't load image on index 0 (or similar) and crashes?
Answer: Some kind of HD-mod/patch is intereferring with correct sprite display. MedievalCraft is not compatible with anything besides 16x16 solution at the moment.

Question: Why my Minecraft give my the error message: No further terrain/sprite indices left and crashes upon loading?
Answer: You over-modded your minecraft.jar, the game can't handle that many new item sprites / bock textures. Consider removing some mods / setting up a fresh vanilla minecraft.jar.

Question: ClassNotFoundException?
Answer: You've forgot one or more files, probably a prequesite mod.

Question: If i put stuff in the crafting window, it displays the item, but i can't take it from the slot?
Answer: The server you're playing one is not (properly) modified. Ask the server admin to check the installation instructions.

Question: Loading message: You are missing the following mods: mod_MedievalCraft x.xx ?
Answer: Either you or the server are using an outdated / incorrectly installed version of MedievalCraft. Fix the install to continue.

Question: Bukkit?
Answer: NO

Question: Somebody made X but it doesn't work?
Answer: We're NOT responsible for ANY stuff OTHER people create, not even if it's in direct relation to this mod. This includes config-setup programs, texturepacks, modified versions, tutorials, videos and quite everything else.
If you use stuff of other people, ask THEM if something isn't correctly working.

Question: Where do i place the config file?
Answer: This seems to be quite complicated. In relation to your OS and probably in relation to Java settings, the config needs to be either placed:
- in the .minecraft - folder
- in the .minecraft/bin - folder
- in your minecraft.jar
I can't predict which location is ned for your MC, just try them out.

Question: Can I install this mod with a (TFCs) Mod Manager?
Answer: Nope

Question: Is there going to be any support for HD textures?
Answer: At the moment not, because Alblaka likes the 16x16-textures ;) But Feanturi is working on a 128x128-texturepack for MedievalCraft. (Alblaka has to make a compability with the texturepack first)

Question: Is this mod incompatible to...
Answer: Yes, most likely.

Question: Could you implement some industrial...(question interrupted)
Answer: NO

Question: Hey, i'm playing SSP and this mod sucks :o
Answer: Obviously you didn't grasp the "PvP focus'd" part.

Question: I has blackscreen, you mod sucks, fix UP!
Answer: Either you forgot to delete the META-INF, though i already stated you have to delete it numerous times. Like everyone else around the forum.
OR you used incompatible versions. Keep in mind, not everything is compatible with everything else! This exspecially applies to ModLoader, which is required for this mod.

Question: Which IDs does your mod use?
Answer: Check the MedievalCraftIDs.txt in the download ^^


Video made by Feanturi


HEY, did you read the indstructions above first? Well... ok, I trust you.

With the download, you accept the Copyright of this mod!

Download MeC for Minecraft Beta 1.6.6

Latest version: v0.99375_02

Download from Mediafire
Download from

Have fun with MedievalCraft for Minecraft!