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SMP Errors Section

Already Known Errors in SMP is redundant, SMP page contains this information, Also, might be better to fork some of the FAQ/Miscellaneous questions onto other pages, and let this one focus on specifically installing IC.

[ Lhowon ]

Quote.pngBut then there are some trolls, which dont look at the other pages... :/Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)

True, but people will be ignorant. I'd rather have a clean, well edited and concise set of pages that a few morons can't find rather than a giant slew of content on one page that's difficult to parse, but smacks you in the face with all the information.
[ Lhowon ]
Quote.pngAnd what do you thin, i should do? Making a FAQ page and put the problem/suggestion and question/answer thing on it?Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)

How to Install Section

In SMP is said "new ores will not spawn in server-generated worlds.". I generated new world in SMP using version 6.75 and new ores did spawn. If I read change notes right, it has been working since v6.05.

[ Treo ]

Quote.pngMh yea it was fied since a while xD forgot to edit it.Quote.png
by Feanturi(forgot to edit)

explane the 'can't craft bug' a bit?

I've been trying to read everything but can't find anything more then "The server you're playing one is not (properly) modified. Ask the server admin to check the installation instructions." can anyone give me a hand with this because sadly I'm the poor excuse for a admin. I was running on 7.14 but just upgraded to 7.20, on both I can craft everything I have tried other then the bat-pack (charged or uncharged).

The client side is installed with: ModLoader Beta 1.6.6, ModLoaderMP 1.6.6 v2, and IndustrialCraft v7.20

and the server has: ModLoaderMP Server 1.6.6 v2 (also tried flan's ModLoaderMpServer1.6.5unofficial) and IndustrialCraft v7.20

This probably won't help but I'm curious, on 7.14 the server would say "store called" every time it failed. Thanks for any help you can give.

Cannot install IC 2 0.9

I tried multiple times of installing IC 2 with the most recent versions of both modloaders and the Audiomod but I still couldn't play. There was a black screen and an error message. I deleted my META-INF folder. Please help... I want my nuclear generator so bad!