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API and 1.3.2 single to multiplayer

Hello there!

Several questions about this page

1) what is this API file for? should it be installed somewhere or it is developer's stuff?

2) to FAQ: i've crated game with 1.3.2 and change the mode to multiplayer, but it gives 'server refused connection'. Is it possible with current status to play multiplayer on 1.3.2 version of Minecraft?

Quote.png1. The API is just for developers f.e. of addons for IC²
2. It should be possible to play IC² V2.8.108 MultiplayerQuote.png

by Feanturi(-)

Downloads of stable vs nightlies/beta?

This page provides links up through 1.111, but apparently there are versions at least as far as 1.115 in deployment. Are these later builds still considered prerelease and not ready to be nailed down? Could/should this download page link to a canonical source of nightlies/betas for the adventurous and testers?

Dead link?

Am I dumb or the 1.4.5 API download link is dead?

Compatibility between IC2 and Minecraft 1.5.1

Does exist a version of IC2 compatible with MineCraft 1.5.1? The version 1.111 doesn't work: after the starting "mojang" image, the screen remains totally black!!! How can I resolve this problem?? have you got a solution/version to give to me??

I'm using an O.S. Win 7 Ultimate, while the User Account Control has already been disenabled. the forge i'm using is minecraftforge

Thank you very much.

--Lunar 20:23, 24 May 2013 (CEST)Lunar

Incorrect IC2 v1.00 for b1.7.3 link

The download link for this version is dead, the working one is

- Riverstarship 17:13 CDT, August 25, 2017

Thanks for reporting, it links to the right place now. Chocohead NagEditsAdmin 16:52, 26 August 2017 (UTC)

New Links

Wait, isn't there IC2 for... 1.6.4? I'm using the experimental version, why isn't there any download link? Versions since 1.5.2 are experimental? --Cvolton 17:25, 2 January 2014 (CET)

Download links for MCForge no longer work

I am returning to IC2 after a significant hiatus, and I'm trying to follow the install instructions... but the links for MCForge no longer work.

Either the links need to be updated, or the install instructions as a whole need to be updated.

EDIT: It seems this is the new place to get MC Forge: I suggest changing the modern Setup to say the following:


To play the latest version of IC2, install the appropriate MC Forge version from the following site.


For example, if the IC2 Jenkins says at the top "This is the MC 1.12+ port", download the MC Forge version for Minecraft 1.12.