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For playing Mine4Dead you need the following mods:

Ensure that you have these mods installed with the most recent version as well.

EXSPECIALLY ensure they have the correct version. You know, 90% of "OMG YOUR MOD IS NOT WORKING"-errors are caused by people mixing up wrong version'd files.

How to Install[edit]


First of all, install ModLoader, AFTERWARDS (yes, this IS important) ModLoaderMP and THEN Mine4Dead (Seriously, don't mess up the order!).

You'll need to install ModLoaderMP EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT PLAYING ON A SERVER!

To install Mine4Dead, extract the archive you downloaded, drop the content of the "minecraft" folder into your minecraft.jar with WinRar or something similar and don't forget to delete this frikkin annoying META-INF folder.

That's it, everything else is optional.

You can NOT put the downloaded zip into your mods-folder. Now, you can, but it wont install the mod.

If you want to install the Custom Sounds, drag the "ressources" folder into your ".minecraft" directory and confirm all overrides. It will merely add new sound files directly into the correct directory.

The download includes two txt-files:

  • M4DRecipes.txt - has no direct influence on the program, but contains a list of all crafting recipes. Consider reading it if you can't figure recipes out.
  • MedievalCraftConfig.txt - is the config file used by this mod.

The config will ALWAYS be read from whereever you're starting Minecraft. This can be the folder with the Minecraft.exe inside, or the desktop, if you use cmd-commands to start Minecraft.


The folder "server" can be ignored, unless you want to install Mine4Dead on your own server.

To do this, first install the Flan's MP ModLoader Server (or patch your minecraft_server.jar to become one).

You need the server-sided ModLoader MP, don't try the one you downloaded for your client!

Then just drop all content of the "server" folder into your minecraft_server.jar.

Click Here for some nice Seeds.


Question: Bukkit?
Answer: No, don't dare to ask!

Question: Somebody made X but it doesn't work!
Answer: I'm NOT responsible for ANY stuff OTHER people create, not even if it's in direct relation to this mod. This includes config-setup programs, texturepacks, modified versions, tutorials, videos and quite everything else. If you use stuff of other people, ask THEM if somethign isn't correctly working.

Question: Can i install this mod with a (TFCs) Mod Manager?
Answer: Nope, not with ModLoaders auto-load function, either.

Question: Hey, i'm playing SSP and i die all over the time
Answer: Try reducing the difficulty, it will affect the mods difficulty, too. Or create a server and have some friends help you, this mod is meant for teamplay, either way.

Question: I have blackscreen, your mod sucks, fix UP!
Answer: Either you forgot to delete the META-INF, though i already stated you have to delete it numerous times. Like everyone else around the forum. OR you used incompatible versions. Keep in mind, not everything is compatible with everything else! This exspecially applies to ModLoader, which is required for this mod.

Question: Which IDs does your mod use?
Answer: Check the M4DConfig.txt in the download ^^

Known Errors[edit]

- Apparently using the config causes servers (and clients?) to crash upon loading


No Tutorials available atm... You want to create one? Ask Feanturi !


Hey, did you read the text above first? Well... OK, I trust you.

With the download, you accept the Copyright of this mod!

Download M4D for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 (Don't forget to correct the config!)

Latest version: v0.80_02

Download from Mediafire
Download from Industrial-craft.net

Have Fun with the Mine4Dead for Minecraft!