Wind Mill

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Wind Mill
Windmill ig.png
Type Generator
Tool Grid Wrench.png
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Wind Mills are Generators that utilize the energy of the wind to produce EU. They are the most unstable and unpredictable type of generators, depending greatly upon both placement and pure luck.


Grid Iron.png
Grid Iron.png

Grid Generator.png

Grid Iron.png
Grid Iron.png
Grid Windmill.png


Optionally place an RE Battery in the upper slot. The Wind Mill will charge the battery or output power at a rate of 0-4 EU/t depending on placement.

Grid RE Battery (Charged).png


Output 0-4 EU/t (varying)
Storage -

Detailed Mechanics

- A Wind Mill will produce on average 250 EU per Minecraft day multiplied by its height in the world. This number varies greatly due to the highly unpredictable and constantly changing wind strength in the world; this number can be anything from 0 to 1000 EU. (Although numbers far below 150 or far above 320 are uncommon )

- A Wind Mill's efficiency can be hindered by any kind of block placed in a 9x9x7 area around it.

Top view:

Windmill area top.png

Side view:

Windmill area side.png

It's best to have the cable from the Wind Mill underneath it and down at least two blocks before turning.

- For each obstructing block, a Wind Mill's effective height lowers by 1.

- A Wind Mill treats non-block items like torches and Redstone wires as obstructions too.

- A Wind Mill doesn't treat the roof of the world as an obstruction.

- Wind Mills produce 50% extra EU/t in a thunderstorm, and 20% when it's raining but not in a thunderstorm.

- If a wind mill produces more than 5 EU/t, it has a chance of breaking. If a wind mill's effective height is no more than 80, it cannot break.


A Wind Mill placed as high as possible (layer 126), with no obstructions (apart from the 2 cable blocks under the wind mill) will produce roughly 31000 EU (250 * 124) a day or 1.3 EU/t overall.

A Wind Mill that was placed near bedrock (layer 10) with no obstructions (not including the cable again) produced 2000 EU (250 * 8) a day (0.1 EU/t overall).

Technical Details (Client v1.95 | MC1.2.5)

Wind Strength

  • Minimum strength is 0, Maximum is 30.
  • Modified every 128 ticks (About 6.4 seconds)
  • Chance to increase or decrease by 1.
  • 10% chance to increase if current strength is 0 to 20.
  • 10% chance to decrease if current strength is 10 to 30.
  • Current strength of 0 to 9 have (10 - current strength) chance to decrease in strength. (E.g. 0 current strength has 0% chance to decrease, 1 = 1% to decrease, ..., 9 = 9%)
  • Current strength of 21 to 30 have (10 - (current strength - 20)) chance to decrease in strength. (E.g. 21 current strength has 9% chance to increase, 22 = 8% to increase, ..., 30 = 0%)


  • Calculated every 128 ticks (About 6.4 seconds)
  • Minimum power is 0, Maximum is 11.46 (y: 255 and thundering), Maximum safe is 4.98 (y: 147 and thundering).
  • Calculation is: power = s * (y - 64 - c) / 750; 's' is Wind Strength, 'y' is Block Height, and 'c' is number of blocks (not including the windmill itself) in a 9x9x7 area around the windmill.
  • Power has a 50% (* 1.5) increase if it is thundering, 20% (* 1.2) increase if it is raining.
  • If the power is higher than 5, there is a 0% to 0.1292% chance (chance based on power) to change the windmill to a generator and drop 0 to 4 batpacks.