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Why don't you insert this genial items in the mod?? It's fantastic!! :D sorry for my english XD I am italian XD

Stopping in to say hi[edit]

Hey Alblaka, it is hotrods20, you may or may not remember me from awhile ago. Just wanted to stop in and say what's up. I love the new IC. Peace out for now.

ModPack plz?[edit]

hi Alblaka it's iceminecrafter i would like it if you could allow me to put your awesome mod into my mod pack e-mail me your reply plz at

Mod Pack[edit]

I would love to use a mod which is made by you in a minecraft mod pack. The so called Industrialcraft 2. But for that I need permission form you, the maker. I think your mod is amazing and you really should expand some even more (that would be fun)

So in this message I ask permissions to use your mod in my minecraft mod pack and I won't make any money out of it.




I can add your mod "Industrial Craft 2" in my mod pack? Please. -JoIndi