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Quote.pngYou are now a mod and can edit protected pages :)Quote.png
by Feanturi(promotion)

Quote.pngThanks for your help with the chip guy... banned him^^ and you are Admin now. i think you won't disappoint me :D (You can ban such guys then too)Quote.png
by Feanturi(promotion again)

Quote.pngIt was actually one of my friends, who I accidentally told that I was editing this wiki. He went away when I told him there was a recent changes button and a history button (actually he went and griefed wikipedia) so everyone could see his changes. I reverted his edits, so no real harm done apart from the harm I'd like to do to his face when I next see him. Grr... Seriously though, I'm sorry for the history he's left on the pages. Thanks for the somewhat undeserved promotion though (don't mind if you demote me after reading that it was partially my fault) it means I can ban him every time he comes on (his ip changes every so often). And sorry again for the trouble.Quote.png
by Supersting(somewhat undeserved)

Quote.pngWell i can just login at the database and delete the recent changes things from him^^)Quote.png
by Feanturi(no prob :D)

Quote.pngThanks for helping at the wiki after update^^
You will earn a cookie later... :P
Feanturi [ U / T ]Quote.png

by Feanturi(Thanks)

I made a mod! MoreClay!