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Im a Student at UBC in Vancouver Canada. Have been playing Minecraft on and off since early beta. Feel free to leave me a message on my Talk page.

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Things I Need to Check

Notes for my own personal interest and things i want to add to the wiki.

  • Can Lava cells be used like lava buckets in a furnace?
    • NO
  • When you create a lava cell do you get the bucket back? Im assuming you do.
    • YES
  • Can Blaze Rods be used as fuel in a generator or geothermal plant?
    • NO
  • Does the bucket from a lava bucket get eaten up when placed in a geothermal plant the way it does if placed into a furnace?
    • NO
  • Check how much energy the induction furnace uses at 0% heat to smelt 1 item. Do similar test at 100% heat.
    • Heat went up to 5%, Used 8064 EU for 1 piece of ore.
    • Heat went up to 5%, Used 8064 EU for 2 pieces of ore.
    • At 100% Heat it took 147 EU per process


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