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Being a user on the wiki, Brandon always likes to get things done in such a way that it is neatly done.

''Like how?'' Well, he makes the pages well-organized and other necessary things...
''People will definitely like your wiki and even support it if it is nicely done. Right?''
Yeah, yeah, same stuff... But enough of this,
let's get to more interesting stuff!
==How I got to know IndustrialCraft==
===Spotlights that interest me===
Definitely from mod spotlights available on YouTube.
''"IndustrialCraft 2 adds a whole bunch of new machines to use at your convenience, new toys to play with and worldgen features! You guys should give it a try!"—Anonymous''. And that made me interested in it.
===Testing the mod===
Because NEI(Not Enough Items) isn't installed, I barely deciphered the recipes to certain items, with the exception of the few items that have recipes that can be easily discovered. For example, [[Compressed Coal Ball|compressed coal ball]] is definitely a piece of [[Coal Ball|coal ball]] in a [[Compressor|compressor]].
A gadget that I love the most is the [[Mining Laser]]—mining in just a click from the mouse! One of the highly recommended arsenal at your disposal.
===There's Just So Much More to Discover!===
I am slowly but surely discovering new things and how the machines work. From a simple [[Macerator]] to a complex [[Nuclear Reactor]], you should definitely discover things(best when in Creative Mode).
==Experiments and Useful Builds by Me==
Here are some builds and experiments that I have made. Go crazy with [[UU-Matter]] production or make yourself coffee by simply pressing a button.
P.S. May not be suited for the beginning/early-game. Enjoy!

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