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Being a user on the wiki, Brandon always likes to get things done in such a way that it is neatly done.

Like how? Well, he makes the pages well-organized and other necessary things...

People will definitely like your wiki and even support it if it is nicely done. Right? -Brandon

Yeah, yeah, same stuff... But enough of this, let's get to more interesting stuff!

How I got to know IndustrialCraft

Spotlights that interest me

Definitely from mod spotlights available on YouTube.

"IndustrialCraft 2 adds a whole bunch of new machines to use at your convenience, new toys to play with and worldgen features! You guys should give it a try!"—Anonymous. And that made me interested in it.

Testing the mod

Because NEI(Not Enough Items) isn't installed, I barely deciphered the recipes to certain items, with the exception of the few items that have recipes that can be easily discovered. For example, compressed coal ball is definitely a piece of coal ball in a compressor.

A gadget that I love the most is the Mining Laser—mining in just a click from the mouse! One of the highly recommended arsenal at your disposal.

There's Just So Much More to Discover!

I am slowly but surely discovering new things and how the machines work. From a simple Macerator to a complex Nuclear Reactor, you should definitely discover things(best when in Creative Mode).

Experiments and Useful Builds by Me

Here are some builds and experiments that I have made. Go crazy with UU-Matter production or make yourself coffee by simply pressing a button.

P.S. May not be suited for the beginning/early-game. Enjoy!