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Experimental IC² Update History: This update history refers only to IC² Experimental.
For Classic IC Update History: See this page.
For Classic IC² Update History: See this page.

For Wiki Updates: See this page.


v2.3.234 (IC²)

  • Fixed crash taking off armor with the HUD active
  • Fix dynamite placing issues.

v2.3.233 (IC²)

  • Fixed reversed dynamite replacing logic.
  • Fixed missing sound when dynamite drops to explode.

v2.3.232 (IC²)

  • Fix dynamite model.

v2.3.231 (IC²)

  • Fix helmet HUD not working.
  • Fix dynamite and related items.

v2.3.230 (IC²)

  • Added support for the ingame config GUI.
  • Fixed broken titles for list based configs.
  • Updated mcmod.info

v2.3.229 (IC²)

  • Added back reactor thermometer bar.
  • Fixed graphical bug with crossed out slots.
  • Fixed spelling error in Gauge

v2.3.228 (IC²)

  • Added crop stick textures.

v2.3.227 (IC²)

  • Fix JEI recipes not accepting uncharged batteries by default.
  • Fix crash searching in creative.
  • Fix items using the infinite electric item manager accepting energy.

v2.3.226 (IC²)

  • Fix cable model console spam.

v2.3.225 (IC²)

  • CheckItemEquality now ignores the NBT key advDmg.
  • Changed retrogen to be off by default.
  • Added the Reactor Coolant Injector (RSH).
  • Added the Reactor Coolant Injector (LZH).
  • Fix electric wrench spamming the console.
  • Reactor Coolant Injectors don't accept energy directly from reactors.
  • Reactor Coolant Injectors now better detect reactors and facing changes.

v2.3.224 (IC²)

  • Buff both neutron reflectors.
  • Added new Iridium Neutron Reflector.
  • Fix nuclear reactor not detecting redstone changes.

v2.3.223 (IC²)

  • Small universal cells fix.

v2.3.222 (IC²)

  • Every wrenching operation is now lossless.
  • Wrench lossless mode removed.
  • Fix electric wrench tooltip.
  • More wrench cleaning.
  • Clean teblock.
  • Fix ItemArmorFluidTank tooltips.
  • Fix reactor casings not dropping an item when their reactor is removed.
  • Fix cf-backpack storage not updating when used.
  • Fix Universal Cells not syncing correctly when used.

v2.3.221 (IC²)

  • Fix chargepad charging inconsistencies.

v2.3.220 (IC²)

  • Added tooltips and durability bars.

v2.3.219 (IC²)

  • Fix solid/fluid canning machine GUI.

v2.3.218 (IC²)

  • Fix Buildcraft triggers textures - thanks to ChocoBoss.

v2.3.217 (IC²)

  • Fixed Forge complaining about the gradual recipe handler.
  • All reactor components now stack outside of reactors.
  • Stopped potential NPE in TileEntityBlock.

v2.3.216 (IC²)

  • Fix blast furnace GUI.

v2.3.215 (IC²)

  • Fix reactors not updating their e-net registration from chamber changes.

v2.3.214 (IC²)

  • Fix uranium 235 -> uranium 235 nugget recipe.
  • Fix upgrade kit recipe.
  • Made JEI not show invalid recipes.

v2.3.213 (IC²)

  • Make reactor most reactor stuff not stackable.

v2.3.212 (IC²)

  • Added a durability tooltip to AbstractDamageableReactorComponents.


v2.2.741 (IC²)

  • Fixed crafting Plantballs with seeds.
  • Added descriptions to the config files.

v2.2.740 (IC²)

  • Clean-up and documentation.
  • Added more default values to cables.
  • Added config files for Machine Recipes.

v2.2.739 (IC²)

  • Made transformers uptransform as well.
  • Clean-up and documentation.

v2.2.738 (IC²)

  • Made insulated tin cables paintable.

v2.2.737 (IC²)

  • Fixed Transformer outputting wrong voltage.

v2.2.736 (IC²)

  • Fix inventory interaction for weakly defined sides.

v2.2.735 (IC²)

  • Minor magnetizer cleanup
  • Allow energium dust to be a power source (16k EU each)

v2.2.734 (IC²)

  • Fix miner not accepting a fill material.

v2.2.733 (IC²)

  • Improved Bounding and Collision boxes of Iron Fences.

v2.2.732 (IC²)

  • Fixed RTG tooltip being wrong.
  • Cleaned up and improved Magnetizer.

v2.2.731 (IC²)

  • Fix rounding issue with crop drops

v2.2.730 (IC²)

  • Added Pulling Upgrade recipe
  • Allow Pulling Upgrade direction to be set

v2.2.729 (IC²)

  • Fixed tile entity drops
  • Fixed Cauldron crop crash
  • Crop code clean up
  • Fixed ore dictionary scanner crash

v2.2.728 (IC²)

  • Added Pulling Upgrade
  • Code clean up
  • Fixed drops (No idea)

v2.2.727 (IC²)

v2.2.726 (IC²)

  • Added some basic upgrade support for the Magnetizer.

v2.2.725 (IC²)

  • Fixed Iron Fences graphically not connecting to each other.
  • Fixed tooltips being behind GUI text.
  • Updated Magnetizer Texture.

v2.2.724 (IC²)

v2.2.723 (IC²)

v2.2.722 (IC²)

  • Added a chat message when toggling the mode of a Charging Battery.

v2.2.721 (IC²)

  • Fixed Forge Hammers going to negative durability when autocrafted using AE2
  • Fixed ProjectE repair talisman causing invalid armour damage
  • Optimized state changing for Turning Blanks a bit.

v2.2.720 (IC²)

  • Optimize machine rendering.
  • Some code clean up

v2.2.719 (IC²)

v2.2.718 (IC²)

v2.2.717 (IC²)

v2.2.716 (IC²)

  • Fixed NEI causing invalid armour damage warning

v2.2.715 (IC²)

v2.2.714 (IC²)

v2.2.713 (IC²)

v2.2.712 (IC²)

v2.2.711 (IC²)

  • Fix Refined Iron achievement spelling
  • US language file cleanup
  • Fix spaces after some item names
  • Fix MFSU Kit destroying stored items in the MFE
  • Increase OV Scanner's storage to 1M EU

v2.2.710 (IC²)

  • Non-silently ignore invalid recipes.

v2.2.709 (IC²)

  • Allow to ignore invalid recipes silently.

v2.2.708 (IC²)

v2.2.707 (IC²)

  • Fix not creating the config folder.
  • Add extra debug output for RPC Handler injection.

v2.2.706 (IC²)

  • EnergyNet: Use linear solver as a fall-back if the matrix ends up not positive definite due to rounding.

v2.2.705 (IC²)

v2.2.704 (IC²)

  • Improve LogOutputStream.
  • Update ejml, improve failure logging.

v2.2.703 (IC²)

v2.2.702 (IC²)

  • More work to Kinetic Water Generator.
  • Changed name of Rotors (Kinetic Wind Generator Rotor (*type*) -> Kinetic Gearbox Rotor (*type*)).

v2.2.701 (IC²)

v2.2.700 (IC²)

  • Reduce the impact of other mods leaking worlds from the UU scan.

v2.2.699 (IC²)

  • Improve UU scan to better handle certain types of worldgen.

v2.2.698 (IC²)

v2.2.697 (IC²)

  • Better logging for failed E-net calculations.

v2.2.696 (IC²)

  • Reduce memory usage for /ic2 uu-world-scan.
  • Detect and prevent invalid armour damage (to IC2 electric armours).

v2.2.695 (IC²)

  • Optimize explosion code to be faster.

v2.2.694 (IC²)

  • Disable fancy rendering when on fast graphics.

v2.2.693 (IC²)

v2.2.692 (IC²)

  • Accelerate UU graph calculation.

v2.2.691 (IC²)

  • Fix Open Blocks forcefield crash.
  • Reorganize gradual damage based items.
  • Fix warnings.
  • Fix graudal item damage bars.

v2.2.690 (IC²)

  • Make BasicMachineRecipeManager scale better.

v2.2.689 (IC²)

  • Fix crash with Mekanism and Open Blocks.

v2.2.688 (IC²)

  • Fix crop crossing not properly taking similarity into account.

v2.2.687 (IC²)

  • Fix crop crossing selection being off by one.

v2.2.686 (IC²)

  • Fixed Advanced Charging Battery recipe not working.

v2.2.685 (IC²)

  • Fixed Kinetic Wind Rotors API not working properly.

v2.2.684 (IC²)

  • Slightly tweaked Charging Batteries again.

v2.2.683 (IC²)

  • EnergyNet: Potentially fix Node.setGrid().
  • Improve crop backwards compatibility.

v2.2.682 (IC²)

  • Strip byte order marks from config lines.
  • Include a sanitized version of the raw config input line if needed.

v2.2.681 (IC²)

  • Added CESU tier charging battery.
  • Changed the way charging batteries work.

v2.2.680 (IC²)

  • Added charging batteries.

v2.2.679 (IC²)

  • Reduce start up console output.
  • Support fully custom translation keys for crops.
  • Change crops to not use IDs anymore.

v2.2.678 (IC²)

  • Work around CoFHCore breaking localisation.
  • Change iridium to have harvestlevel 100.
  • Change crops to be localized properly.

v2.2.677 (IC²)

  • Fix crop crashing bug with invalid crops.
  • Centralise log handling.

v2.2.676 (IC²)

  • Make explosions respect doTileDrops game rule.
  • Fixed texture dump command not saving valid file names on Windows.

v2.2.675 (IC²)

  • Fix lathed item's tooltips.

v2.2.674 (IC²)

  • Update Buildcraft gate trigger code to the latest API.

v2.2.673 (IC²)

v2.2.672 (IC²)

  • Allow painting hardened clay, glass and glass panes with painters.

v2.2.671 (IC²)

  • Whitelist certain materials and blocks for the suitable tool classes.

v2.2.670 (IC²)

  • Fixed tool queries for the chain saw.
  • Fixed enet assertion.

v2.2.669 (IC²)

  • Change tool class handling to be more in line with Forge's tool class handling.