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|change1=Hotfix mainly adresses the various crashing issue
|change1=1.2.5 compatible
|change1=1.2.5 compatible

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v1.95b (IC²)

  • Hotfix mainly adresses the various crashing issue

v1.95 (IC²)

  • 1.2.5 compatible
  • Added new Trade-O-Mat GUI with full item display and stock status
  • Added config option to prevent scrap from burning on a generator to help server admins avoid lag from cobblegen->recycler->generator lines
  • Added stack size support for base seeds in the crop API, allowing seeds which require more than one unit, similarly to roses and dandelions
  • Added more field types that can be synchronized in the NetworkHelper API
  • Implemented the Crazy Ivan achievement, however the record that you placed the nuke does not last across reloads
  • Fixed NEI integration, for real
  • Fixed crops being trampled when walked instead of jumped on
  • Fixed scrap boxes crashing when the last one in a stack is opened
  • Fixed drops from the Super-Heat Mining Laser mode sometimes being picked up but not appearing on the inventory and messing up furnaces
  • Fixed potential enchantment duplication bug with Trade-O-Mats
  • Fixed Super-Heat Mining Lasers not dropping stone
  • Fixed Trade-O-Mats not showing their want/offer on SMP
  • Fixed primed explosives not appearing on SMP
  • Fixed reinforced scaffolds not appearing reinforced on SMP when another player reinforces it
  • Fixed generator fuel levels not appearing properly on SMP
  • Fixed Generators and Iron Furnaces not accepting blaze rods
  • Fixed dynamite depleting on creative mode
  • Fixed Personal Safe GUI title being centered
  • Ported to Forge's NetworkMod and Achievement Pages (however our ores no longer show in the background)
  • Crop seeds display their growth/gain/resistance on the tooltip once analyzed enough
  • Super-Heat Mining Lasers burn through wooden blocks
  • Buffed a UU-Matter recipe
  • Fuel Cans burn on a standard furnace, however adultered fuel is wasteful
  • Tweaked enchantability values for bronze tools and composite armor
  • Terra Wart is always edible
  • Disabled non-functional item repair for electric tools and items
  • Improved client-side SMP performance (smaller and compressed network updates, avoid unnecessary simulation)

v1.90 (IC²)

  • Added brewing system (Boozeception)
  • Added coffee
  • Added four new crops, one is a vanilla Minecraft crop
  • Added a new UU-Matter recipe
  • Added a blaze rod to 5 blaze powder macerator recipe
  • Attempt to fix vanilla seeds dropped from harvesting crops not being properly stackable. Feedback needed!
  • Fixed any electric item being able to shear, and rightclicking a shearable mob with bare hands crashing servers
  • Fixed cropnalyzers not accepting batteries and possibly messing up the user's inventory
  • Fixed crops crashing on explosion, for real
  • Fixed drills not being effective against mycelium
  • Fixed the reinforced door texture
  • Fixed miners only accepting mining pipes in the pipe slot
  • Fixed painter auto-refill not working with wool
  • Fixed chainsaws dealing the same amount of damage when charged and uncharged
  • Macerating bones gives 5 bone meal
  • Painters show the dye name in the tooltip
  • Added Weed-EX spray
  • Added Crop-Matron
  • Added Grin Powder, ingredient of weed-ex, crop gain and can be macerated from spider eyes
  • Added scrap box and mass fabricator APIs, see Ic2Recipes
  • Fixed items not being craftable using all kinds of wood
  • Fixed booze not being properly created when on creative mode
  • Fixed plantballs not being craftable using jungle saplings
  • Fixed missing BuildCraft and NEI compatibility
  • Fixed CraftGuide crash
  • Fixed cropsticks depleting when used to make cross-crops in creative mode
  • Fixed cropsticks missing from the creative mode item list
  • Fixed scrapboxes duplicating themselves instead of dropping an item
  • Fixed scrapboxes depleting when opened in creative mode
  • Wind mills rebalanced for the new world height, place them 64 blocks higher to keep the same production
  • Fixed the corners of the mass fabricator GUI
  • Rubber Wood crafts and smelts into jungle wood
  • EU Detector and Splitter cables connect to redstone and can directly interact with RedPower wire
  • The "New Ore Miner" achievement only appears if you have at least one IC2 ore enabled

v1.81 (IC²)

  • Added mushroom TFBPs setting biomes, still flaky and experimental
  • Attempt to fix Trade-O-Mat and Painter issues on SMP
  • Fixed chainsaws not draining energy from batpacks when shearing
  • Fixed overflow on crop hydration and fertilizing
  • Fixed reactor chambers connecting to ghost reactors, works around possible Forge bug
  • Fixed machines not appearing in the creative mode item list
  • Fixed top and bottom of reactor chambers being pink
  • Fixed NPE on the achievement GUI with uranium generation disabled
  • Geothermal generators and water mills now accept liquid containers registered with BuildCraft (3.x only)
  • Water mills now accept water cells
  • Slots to charge/discharge batteries and other items are now limited to what can they stand
  • Made Portal Gun "compatibility not loaded" message more user-friendly
  • Removed temporary shear-on-hit chainsaw function
  • Removed redundant sprites from block_0.png

v1.71 (IC²)

  • Added Tungsten Ore to the miner valuable ore list through the ore dictionary. RedPower 2 pr4d does not support this yet!
  • Fixed quantum suit recipes
  • Fixed chainsaw breaking when used for shearing
  • Fixed cells picking up BuildCraft oil as water
  • Fixed language file, replace cropSeed-1 by cropSeedInvalid
  • Fixed GUIs in SMP
  • Fixed achievement GUI NPE with copper/tin generation disabled
  • Submodules failing to load now give a more user-friendly message

v1.70 (IC²)

  • Added Solar Helmet and Static Boots which charge the electric chestplate you're wearing
  • Added foam cables obtained by using a CF sprayer near a cable
  • Added redstone mode switch button to electric blocks
  • Added BuildCraft 3 triggers, some of them backwards compatible with the Crossover Mod
  • Added Portal Gun compatibility, you aren't supposed to pick up a resin source
  • Added canning cake
  • Added machines to CraftGuide
  • Added death messages to SMP
  • Added more ores to the achievement GUI's background
  • Added metal armor interface to the API, implement if you want your boots to work in a magnetizer
  • Fixed crops and crop seeds not showing up on SMP
  • Fixed armor taking extreme damage while wearing a batpack
  • Fixed NPE when using a compressor alongside a pump
  • Fixed diamond drills usable even after depleted
  • Fixed NPE when mining an IC2 block with uranium generation disabled
  • Attempt to fix magnetizer not working properly on SMP
  • Fixed NPEs in Ic2Recipes mostly related to CodeChickenLoader
  • Fixed "moving too fast" disconnect when using teleporters on SMP
  • Fixed certain achievements being unobtainable
  • Fixed "Creeper Chainsaw Massacre" and "Like a Boss" achievements
  • Fixed obtaining of achievements in SMP
  • Fixed some secret recipes being craftable with rubber instead of resin
  • Fixed machine progress bar syncing in SMP
  • Fixed negative heat when using several lava buckets in a reactor
  • Fixed display of some recipes in CraftGuide
  • Fixed rubber tree generation on mod-added biomes
  • Fixed walls being obtainable through Silk Touch
  • Fixed plantballs only being craftable with oak saplings and leaves
  • Fixed rubber boots only being craftable with white wool
  • Fixed magnetizer misbehaving using world height mods
  • Upgraded machines can now accept energy and lapotron crystals based on the number of transformer upgrades
  • Induction Furnaces now accept energy crystals
  • Painter auto-refill mode can be changed by holding M and right-clicking
  • Chainsaws will now shear sheep
  • Slight increase to overclocker power consumption
  • Nuclear reactor heat effects are no longer caused if the config setting for the max explosion power is set to 0
  • Small change to the achievement tree
  • Canned food now works like other MC food items, giving 1 hunger point and 1 heart of instant healing
  • SMP jetpack improvements, still very buggy
  • Dynamite and sticky dynamite will now prime when dispensed
  • Electric tools and armor can no longer be enchanted, bronze enchantability is a bit higher than iron
  • The "not initialized properly" crash message is now more user friendly
  • Crop seeds with no data will show a different name suggesting it's a bug
  • Added ability for crops to have custom spritesheets
  • Fixed batpacks breaking when depleted
  • Fixed redstone mode button crashing in SMP
  • Fixed BuildCraft triggers not having icons
  • Fixed static boots giving free energy when riding a minecart or a pig
  • Fixed static boots giving energy when swimming
  • Fixed food cans giving more hunger points than uncanned food
  • Fixed rubber trees not generating at all using world height mods
  • Fixed storage block redstone not considering stored energy values below the block's output
  • Fixed CF spraying scaffolds dropping scaffolds but not changing the block to foam
  • Quantum Suit parts now require their respective Nano Suit parts
  • Chainsaws now shear mooshrooms and anything else shearable by the Forge
  • Composite Vests now have the same enchantability as diamond
  • Torches, rails and other blocks which need solid support can now be placed on top of scaffolds
  • Reduced use time for food cans
  • Better API documentation
  • Under-the-hood changes in GUI and armor handling

v1.64 (IC²)

  • Fix for multiple NPEs
  • Fix for droprates of a few crops
  • Added ToolBox with pre-sprite. Crafting recipe is 5 RefIron and a chest
  • Added ElectricTreetap, i assume you can guess the recipe yourself. It's a / shape.
  • Fixed a few recipes
  • Fixes SMP issues, lever placement and redstone on CF walls.

v1.62 (IC²)

  • Port to MC 1.1.0
  • Storage blocks don't emit redstone power anymore by default due to interference with nearby transformers. The plan is to add a button to the GUI which allows different modes. Currently, only a "emit redstone if full" mode is implemented, but disabled by default. You can enable it via config. Watch for Transfos sitting next to your dear storages.
  • New config setting to disable ore and rubber tree generation
  • Major internal changes, outsourcing item references into the API
  • Overhauls regarding the system of energy storing of items via NBT Tags. This will deplete all your current save's items to 0 EU, but provide faster and more accurate access in future.
  • Add the first set of the new Crop System
  • Fix Miner crash
  • Fix CF Pack recipe (hopefully)
  • Fix Machines not reducing the input ItemStack
  • Fix scanner area calculation for negative coordinates
  • Add Achievements
  • Add overclocker, input transformer and energy storage upgrade modules (item sprites missing atm)
  • Increase default operation length for simple el. machines by 30%
  • Add mushroom TFBP (item sprite missing atm)
  • Add recipe handler to allow crafting electric items from partially charged ingedients
  • Add BC 2.2.x and BC 3.1.x integration sub mods for geothermal piping and blueprint support
  • Add NEI and CraftGuide integration sub mods to display the new recipes
  • Add lossless el. wrench mode (hold M to toggle), 10k EU/op
  • Add horizontal mining laser mode
  • Redo low focus mining laser mode
  • Add el. wrench mode to rotate the target similar to rp2's screwdriver (hold ALT or ALT+shift)
  • Combine all mode switch buttons (mining laser, hover mode) to a single key
  • Better integration of our items into the creative mode list
  • Configurable auto-refill option for painters
  • Deprecated industrial diamonds, the process yields normal diamonds now
  • Add a crafting recipe to convert ind. diamonds to normal ones
  • Painters can now paint wool
  • Increase EU detector cable loss to 0.5 EU/block
  • The Electrolyzer works differently depending on the adjacent storage block
  • More crop enhancements
  • Allow HV transformers to accept arbitrarily large packets
  • Make the explosion code ignore very high resistance blocks
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Fix lossless wl. wrench mode not working
  • Fix Batpack/Lappack not working properly
  • Fix slotClicked crash in the simple el. machine gui (macerator etc.)
  • Add charged and discharged items to the creative inventory
  • Fix crash when opening CraftGuide
  • Fix unreliable upgrade module detection in smp
  • Fix mining laser mode setting
  • Fix ElectricItem damage value allocation
  • Fix nano/quantum suit damage distribution
  • Fix ind. diamond -> diamond recipe
  • Fix el. jetpack
  • Fix BC blueprint bugs
  • Fixed CropSeed-Naming

v1.43 (IC²)

  • Fixed Windmill updating itself in incorrect patterns
  • New macerator recipe: 1 Glowstone block -> 4 Glowstone dust
  • Fixed UUM recipe for reeds
  • Fixed the critical reactor crashing bug after completing a cycle
  • Fixed GUI id conflicts, use the new config option

v1.42 (IC²)

  • Same stuff, just requires new Forge version, 1.2.2. Fixes all SMP bugs that have been reported on.
  • Fix for deadly armor based NPE.

v1.337b (IC²)

  • Fixed Lappack Recipe
  • Corrupted Enet entries will now not crash the engine, but report in console. They will still cause issues from time to time, though.
  • Fixed Solar Panel
  • Fixed Cable Detector getting stuck "on" rarely
  • Fixed Generator recipe
  • Disabled wrench being usable on TNT-materials (for the sake of them being punchable either ways)
  • Fixed Windmill GUI and increased Windmill gain slightly
  • Fixed QuantumHelmetRecipe
  • Fixed Compressor stacking snowballs indefinitely
  • Hopefully fixed Backpack/RubberBoots being damaged armor-wise while taking damage

{{Changelog|version=1.337|IC²=true |change1=Reactors shouldn't redirect BC-Pipe input into invalid slots (causing stuff to be ejected right away) anymore |change2=Same for Mass Fabricator |change3=Performance fixes for ElectricBlocks |change4=NPW crash fix for Reactor |change5=Overhaul of Scrapbox procentages, gl trying to farm diamonds |change6=Recyclers can recycle any material again |change7=Suddenly... HOES! |change8=Increased stability of the Enet. |change9=Tools now no longer use up remaining points of energy if the energy is to low to actually perform an action (mainly applyable for mining laser) |change10=Chainsaws and miners can harvest String from web. |change11=Breaking the Tip of a miner's mining pipe will now drop mining pipe and not the invalid tip-block. |change12=Fixed wrenches causing obscure drops upon apllying to cables. |change13=Increased SMP-network efficiency |change14=Fixed bugs causing nearby Quantumsuits to influence each other in SMP |change15=ElectricBlocks display now doesn't exceed the exspected values (since they actually CAN store slightly more energy then maximum displayed) |change16=Added fix for equipped pumpkin crashes |change17=Nuclear Reactors don't access diagonally adjavent chambers anymore (damn bugs) |change18=Teleporting costs are now slightly less influenced by range. |change19=PersonalSages will now give out text messages if you cannot access them, as well as being unwrenchable if there is still content within (to prevent accidental losses) |change20=Fixed rare "Unlimitd Battery" bug |change21=Theoretical support of lang-files for translations |change22=Optimized teleportation code in regard of server loading chunks |change23=Trade-O-Mat is now easier to use |change24=Solar Panels are now far less CPU-costly while determining sun visibility |change25=Solar Panels are now aware of weather influences |change26=Solar Panel recipe was changed to use Circuits insteadof Cables again |change27=Nuclear Reactors now provide 2x the energy |change28=Water Buckets are much less powerful cooling ingridents for reactors now |change29=HDs won't sit on their last point of damage forever anymore (making them craftable after cooling down, again) |change30=You don't take falldamage anymore if you have RubberBoots equipped and fall into a ladder |change31=Running Macerators give off smoke particles |change32=Compressors can now be combined with Pumps to create snow from infinite water sources. |change33=Watermill recipe now gives 2 Watermills (as it was actually intended in first place) |change34=Generators and GeoGenerators now consume fuel(and produce energy) x2 as fast |change35=Fuel was recalculated and should be actually a valid way of increasing energy gain |change36=Using saplings for crafting plantclumps gives 2 of them (to compensate for the amount of energy saplings can produce by burning |change37=You only need 1 plantclump for a fuel cell anymore |change38=Fixed Quantum Helmet recipe |change39=Added config toggle for CTRL or WW Quantum Speed |change40=Fixed Electrolyzer GUI |change41=Backpacks shouldn't be accounted as armor by minecrafts engine anymore (Do not absorb/take damage) |change42=Mining Laser got slightly rebalanced (will probably get a more intensive redo in future). Most modes use less energy now. |change43=CF Sprayers can now be used to "fill up" Scaffolds by rightclicking them. The foam will EXCLUSIVELY fill the scaffoldblocks (will drop scaffold). Easier to use for |change44=building stuff. |change45=You can now use Sand (rightclick) to instantly those pesky foam blocks who continously deny to harden. |change46=Painters now have 32 uses total (with no increase in dye costs). |change47=UUM Recipes for black/b