Universal Fluid Cell

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A Universal Fluid Cell is a fluid container, similar to a bucket but stackable, and is a replacement for the legacy Empty Cell.


Grid Tin Item Casing.png

Grid Tin Item Casing.png
Grid Glass Pane.png
Grid Tin Item Casing.png

Grid Tin Item Casing.png

Grid Universal Fluid Cell.png


Universal cells are capable of holding up to 1000 mB of any fluid, though if not completely full they cannot be stacked with other full cells. This does however allow for transfer of smaller amounts of fluid, such as the UU-Matter produced by the Replicator.

Unlike the old Empty Cells, universal cells are reusable when placed in machines and will appear in any relevant output slots once their fluids have been extracted.

Universal cells are also used as crafting components in various recipes including the Grid Geothermal Generator.png Geothermal Generator, Grid Semifluid Generator.png Semifluid Generator, and Grid Jetpack.png Jetpack.