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Special Thanks to OKamilTan!

Basics steps in a new world

First steps1.png

You have downloaded and installed the mod and you have generated a new map, but you really don’t know where you begin. I must answer that : like all other map you have begin in, gather some wood, then some cobble and coal and build a little house (or a cave as you wish) for go through your first night.

First steps2.png

Here is mine with little flower, have a pretty house is always a plus, even if it’s just for you, and I can easily expand it. Beware of the mobs if you are not in peaceful, the creepers can blow up what you built, so use some torches for light the area.

First steps3.png

Keep in mind you will need lot of place for improve your industry, try to get a good spot with lot of space not too far away, like that sand plain I can see from my roof (and lot of sand for more purposes) Don’t forget to add some chests and a bed in your little place

Nothing new here, but you must begin with a good base if you want to go further. Next part we will see new things.

In research for the first ingredients and first machines

You have a little base with 4 walls and a roof, with some chests, a bed, a furnace and a crafting table, but you want more I think and I agree with you, so take some axe we will gather our first needed material : RUBBER You will need LOT of lumber for build our first machine, an extractor, and a basic generator, 34 logs precisely, but take more it will be needed for power the generator and others stuffs. And keep the sapling, I’ll explain why in a future section.

First steps4.png

Can you smell the fresh air of new toys? So take 5 planks into the workshop and craft your first IC tool: a tree taps; Now craft 5 others ones and…

First steps5.png

…extract rubber from logs like that!! I know, 30 planks + 18 logs for just 6 rubbers is expensive, but trust in me and it will cost less in a few time.

But for now drop that into a chest, and gather torches, pickaxes and food, we will go to the center of the earth!! The second thing you must gather is REDSTONE, yes that next-to useless red powder you have in astronomical quantity without an use of them are the base of the industrial electricity. Off course you will need an iron pickaxe for extract that rock, but you must be really unlucky if you don’t find them on the path. And same thing for copper and Tin, there is lot of them on the way.

First steps6.png

Here is a screenshot of a natural cave where you can see all-but three types of ores you can gather, from left to right:

-Gold, their value is highly better with IC, especially in his dust form, its involved in mid-tech machines, we will come back in the future

-the white thing in the top: Tin, involved in base of minecraft, you must have a little at the begin, luckily, their lot of them in the world

- under the tin : Copper, like the tin, its involved in base of IC, like the cable, you must gather a good stock for the begin, and like tin, they are a lot in the world

-Iron: EVERY SINGLE MACHINE use iron, it’s the ore you must hunt the most, you will be always short in iron, you know what you must do now.

-Coal: his value was HIGHLY raised, if you want torches or furnace’s fuel, think charcoal, the coal is involved in lot of things, include the most advanced. With macerated coal (coal in dust form) you can build solar panel, fuel, and lots of things like the nano-suit, in others worlds, you don’t care about coal, in industry, its unvaluable

-the greenie or at the right : Uranium, yes you have listen right, uranium, like the thing you will need to power your future nuclear reactor, or to craft a NUKE to blow up a mountain !! Instead of that, they are not involved in other craft, it’s rarer than others ore, but can be found at every layers (need iron pickaxe to gather)

First steps7.png

Further away in the cave:

-redstone: good news, it’s much more faster to mine with IC (Alblaka have fix the bug Mojang left) it will not take you ages, like I said in the begin of that part, the redstone is involved in most part of IC craft, especially the basics one, we need some for crafting the first part of machine, and others things later

-Diamond: ha the diamond, everybody run after them, try to get 3 of them and keep them in a chest, we will craft something awesome with, you must know we can craft an industrial diamond with coal, I’ll show you later, there is more something else to do than waste them in tool or one-use armor.

-not here but you know him: the lapis-lazuli: involved in the more advanced machines, you need BLOCKS of lapis for craft them, so if you find them now, just keep them until you need

-lava: I know, it’s not a minable resources, but it’s a source of one of the most powerful generator: the geothermal generator, keep in mind where are some lava lakes to go later.

-obsidian: you must need some obsidian for more than one raison: to go in the nether, you will need some glowing dust for mid-tech machines. The obsidian is the only thing that can resist a nuke, keep in mind the nuclear reactor can do a nice hole. And obsidian is a part of crafting an industrial diamond.

You know what are all you can gather under the surface, continue to collect some resources and go back to your base for the next step.

Now you’re safe at your base, we can smelt some of the ore you gather from your trip; but be patient and don’t smelt all your ore, in a few times, you will be able to craft an incredible machine: the macerator, who will bring to you 2 dusts from one ore and other stuff ill explain in his time. So, before that macerator you must need an extractor and a generator, but for builds theirs, you must craft some Electric circuits, who need itself some cables, yeah, it seems something complicated, and it is, it’s why I write a little tutorial just for you. You must smelt in priority 3 coppers, then 9 others for a total of 12 After that, smelt 9 tins for be able to craft 3 batteries

First steps8.png

And you will need 27 irons you must SMELT AGAIN for create refined iron, which is a base of lot of machines and stuff

First steps9.png

You remember the rubber you keep in the chest? Take it, and your copper too, we will create some cables, you see 6 rubbers and 3 copper for 8 cables, later you will need a large amount of them, but remember we must use 34 logs for be able to craft 6 rubbers.

First steps10.png

And now we will craft our first electric circuit, you need 6 cables, 2 redstones, and one refined iron, like all other things on that page, it’s a base of the industry, so you must remember that recipe because you will repeat it a lot.

First steps11.png

And now we must craft the recipe of all machines: the machine (yes, it’s the name of that part). Just bring 8 refined irons, and draw a box with them in the craft interface.

First steps12.png

FINALLY we can craft our first machine, but we need just 4 mores tree taps, take 20 planks and craft them, after that take the 4 tree taps, a machine and an electric circuit and TADA you can plant your extractor where you want, but be careful, you can’t dismount any machine by hand or you must craft again the entire thing, you will need a special tool made by a new metal, we will see that later.

Ok, you have your extractor, but how does it work? You must need ELECTRCITY, made by a GENERATOR, now you know what will be our next build. There are 2 ways to craft a generator:

First steps13.png
First, you can use a Battery, a Machine and a Furnace (8 irons used)

First steps14.png
Secondly, you can use a Battery, 3 refined irons and a iron furnace (10 or 11 iron used)

As you can see the first one is cheaper, and I recommend you to use that recipe, and the 2 generator are exactly similar. I know you are questioning yourself: how to craft a battery and a iron furnace, for the iron furnace we will come back later, and for the battery its now!!

First steps15.png

2 cables, 3 tins and 1 Redstone, easy no?

Time to remember that recipe.

But wait! You just used your last cables, it’s time to craft others, but this time we will not waste great quantities of logs. Go back in front of your extractor, and put 6 logs into the upper left hole, and put some redstones into the bottom hole (pure redstone is like a 1 use low-efficient battery but it work), then craft other cables with your rubber, and craft 2 battery, not more or you will need to craft another cable before being able to build a macerator. Now we can craft the generator to fill up your batteries, put the generator alone, I’ll explain why in the wiring section, and then pu your 2 empty batteries in the upper slot and put some (char)coal or other thing who burn in the lower slot, you must need 3,5 coal for fill up a single battery, but it is more efficient. You can place a chest just near the generator; it will gather all yours filled up batteries. The empty batteries can stack up to 16, but the filled up can’t be stacked; it’s the drawback of the reusability. With a fully charged battery, power the extractor for more rubber and cables, you must craft 2 mores circuits.

First steps16.png

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the time you’re all waiting for: the incredible MACERATOR who cans double your mining productivity. Craft the 2 electric circuits I asked for, another machine and 3 newly stone pickaxes.

Put your ores in the upper slot, and a battery in the bottom one, and wait for magically appear 2 dusts from one ore, then, put that dust in an electric furnace and you will have 2 ingots for one ore. What you don’t know how to create an electric furnace? It will be our next and final step of that long section. You must know that the macerator can do more things than create dust from ore, it can create dust from coal too, the coal dust is used in a lot of things, and I recommend you to gather 3 or 4 stacks of coal dust as soon as possible. The macerator can make flint out of gravel, it not seem, but it’s really useful, it can also make cobble from smooth stone, and, incredible, make SAND out of cobblestone, cool isn’t it?

And Now the electric Furnace, but before you need to craft an iron furnace, the second recipe is here because of certain mod who overwrite the 1rst recipe, but it’s the same thing

First steps17.png First steps18.png

The iron furnace is 20% faster than the standard furnace, you will only need 6 coal for heat 60 units in front of the 8 coals for 64 units for the stone furnace, but we can do faster, the Electric furnace:

First steps19.png

I know, it’s another circuit to craft, but I’ve warn you it will be anywhere. Like the other machine, you get the stuff you want to heat in the upper part, and the battery in the bottom, its 12.5% faster than the iron furnace, and there is no energy waste, if there is nothing, it don’t consume energy.

You have 1 extractor, 1 generator, 1 macerator and 1 electric furnace, it’s a little, and you think you can use more things, and your right, craft 1 more generator, 2 macerator and 2 electric furnace, and all will be faster, font forget the batteries, 2 is not enough. You can see the inside of my little home, 3 macerators, 3 electrics furnaces, 1 extractor, 1 generator in view and 2 unknown machines, you can see I’ve put a chest in front of my generator for gather the charged batteries when I stalk outdoor. Next time we will need lot of batteries and cables for see the basics of wiring.

First steps20.png

Basics of Wiring

Now you have a little but fully functional base, that allow you to get twice more ingot for every run you get. But you can’t move any of the machine or you must rebuild it from scrap. Now we will craft the engi-friend tool: the wrench. But the wrench is not made in iron, it’s made of BRONZE. But I can listen your little voice: but I it’s a new ore I didn’t found? It’s so rare? YOU FOOL, bronze is made from COPPER + TIN.

First steps21.png

You need the dust form of that 2 ores, and mix them in a 3:1 ration (place in the craft table doesn’t matter)

First steps22.png

After that, you have just have just to smelt the bronze powder in a furnace

And TADAA you have a new metal to play with, you can use the recipe to craft all the tools and armor you can build with iron, they are little slower, but they are 30% more durable HAYO.

First steps23.png First steps24.png

With all that bronze you can keep your iron for build machines, and now, you know how to craft a wrench (the Y on the right screen, made of 6 bronze ingots). The use of a wrench is incredibly easy: just right click on the machine you want to remove, be careful, if the machine wasn’t empty you will lose everything it contained. And sometimes you can make a mistake, and you can’t retrieve the machine you craft, its unlucky, but it happen, only 4 machines can be retrieve safely :

MFE transmitter, HV transformer, terraformer and MINERs (we will see them later).