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The Tin Can is used along with the Canning Machine to store food as a stackable item.


Tin Item Casing

Tin Can

Outdated Content: This information is outdated and does not apply to the current version of IC².

Before the advent of the Metal Former, tin cans were crafted with ingots instead.

Grid Tin Ingot.png
Grid Tin Ingot.png

Grid Tin Ingot.png

Grid Tin Ingot.png
Grid Tin Ingot.png

Grid Tin Can.png

Tin Can

Tin Can


And now, it's time for another lifesaver! And no, i don't mean SteelPeelz, though this would be lifesaving in many situations as well.
Picture na.png

I present you, Tin Cans.

Now you probably ask "What can a Tin Can do to save my life?"

Weren't you ever peacefully exploring the vast landscape and got suddenly attacked by hordes of suddenly appearing, highly dangerous monsters?

Sure, with the right equipment, exspecially if you are using our precious technology, you can fend these beast off.

But somewhen, you get hungry, and what then?

For long travels, you will need abnormous amounts of food. And as everyone knows, food takes up quite a lot of space in every backpack.

And this is very the Tin Can comes in: Using the Unmobile Food Canning Machine GTA-4 you can FILL Tin Cans with food so you don't have to carry OVER NINE different kinds of food with you, but just one type of tin can filled with a healthy, yet tasty mash. HAYO!

Not only that, but with our patented t7600 quantumsuit helmet you can attach a Tin Can to any port in our f200 series inventory management system and the helmet will AUTOMATICALLY stuff the FOOD into your FACE!