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|{{Gc|Tin Ingot}}
|{{Gc|Tin Block}}
|{{Gc|Tin Block}}
|{{Gc|Tin Plate}}
|{{Gc|Tin Plate}}
|{{Gc|Dense Tin Plate}}
|{{Gc|Dense Tin Plate}}
|{{Gc|Tin Casing}}
|{{Gc|Tin Item Casing}}
|{{Gc|Tin Cable}}
|{{Gc|Tin Cable}}

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Tin Ore in game.
Tin Block in game.

Tin is a metal resource added by IC² and generated as ore between layers 0 and 40, usually in groups of up to 6 blocks. It requires a stone pickaxe or better to mine.


These forms of tin are seen during ore processing:

Crushed Purified Dust Tiny
Grid Tin Ore.png
Grid Crushed Tin Ore.png
Grid Purified Crushed Tin Ore.png
Grid Tin Dust.png
Grid Tiny Pile of Tin Dust.png

These forms of tin are seen during metal shaping:

Ingot Block Plate Dense
Grid Tin Ingot.png
Grid Tin Block.png
Grid Tin Plate.png
Grid Dense Tin Plate.png
Grid Tin Item Casing.png
Grid Tin Cable.png

(All items except for Tin Cable link back to this page.)


Although not quite as prevalent as copper, tin is still a staple material of IC². Note, however, that tin plates and item casings have mostly taken over the position ingots used to occupy in pre-experimental crafting recipes.

Starting off, tin will mostly go towards crafting RE Batteries and cables. Later on, a fair amount will likely be used for Universal Fluid Cells, Electric Motors, Mixed Metal Ingots, and nuclear reactor components. (Don't forget about Tin Cans to conveniently store your food!)

Unsmelted tin can also be mixed with copper in a 3:1 ratio (copper:tin) to produce Bronze, another useful metal.


To mine Tin Ore you need at least a stone pickaxe.

Tin... a multifunctional resource... use it to craft RE Batteries or some other stuff, which is made out of smooth metal.

This resource is soooo awesome!