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Template-info.png Documentation

Generate an Infobox to insert information about Blocks and Items in. Should be called from {{Block}} for block pages and {{Item}} for item pages, so that the categories are added correctly.


Picture na.png
Type ?

Stackable Yes (64)

Technical Details
UU Cost {{{uu_cost}}}
First appearance ?
ID IC2:{{{id}}}

Full, blank parameters to be copied into pages:


Parameters with defaults as None won't show when the Infobox is on a page!

Parameter Function Default value
title Only needed to change the title from the page name {{BASEPAGENAME}}
image Big image of the block (it's scaled to 148px) {{BASEPAGENAME}}_ig.png if it exists, otherwise Picture na.png (linking to the page where to upload the missing image)
invimage Image for object in inventory. {{Gc|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}} if it exists, otherwise an empty inventory square
invimage2 2nd Image for object in inventory. None
invimage3 3rd Image for object in inventory. None
invimage4 4th Image for object in inventory. None
type Type (Block/Machine/Item/etc.) ?
tool Desired tool to break with ?
tool2 Second tool to break with None
armorrating Armour protectiveness None
armortoughness Armour toughness None
damage Damage (for weapons) None
durability Durability (for tools) None
mininglevel Tool mining level None
stackable If the object is stackable Yes (64)
flammable If the object is flammable None
danger Block/Item danger (ie radiation) None
protection Protection needed (from danger) None
storageslots Number of item storage slots None
lstorage Liquid storage (for tanks) None
upgrades Upgrades, use {{Gc}} for each block/item None
upgrades Tier (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, LV, MV, HV, EV, IV) None
prevtier Previous tier item, use {{Gc}} None
nexttier Next tier item, use {{Gc}} None
maxeu Maximum EU input before explosion None
eu_use EU use per tick None
eu_use2 Additional detail line None
storage How much EU that be can stored None
eu_produce How much EU is produced None
maxout Maximum EU output None
maxhu Maximum Heat input None
hu_use Heat usage per tick None
hu_use2 Additional detail line None
hu_produce Heat production per tick None
maxku Maximum KU input None
ku_use KU usage per tick None
ku_use2 Additional detail line None
ku_produce KU production per tick None
optime Time taken per operation (seconds) None
uu, uu_cost UU needed to replicate item
Set to either no, n/a, or none if it can't be replicated
firstappearance Version object was added ?
lastappearance Last version before object was removed None
id The block/item ID None
fluidspeed Speed of fluid None
movespeed Speed of player in the fluid None


Code Result
|invimage=RE Battery
|invimage2=Energy Crystal
|invimage3=Lapotron Crystal
|eu_use2=when activated
Energy Crystal ig.png
Grid RE Battery.png
Grid Energy Crystal.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Type Item

Stackable No

Tier Tier-3 (HV)
Energy Consumption
EU Use 2 EU/t
when activated
EU Storage 1M EU
Technical Details
UU Cost Can't be replicated
First appearance ?
ID IC2:example_item

Code Result
|invimage4=Canning Machine
|damage=5 Hearts
|stackable=Yes (16)
|protection=Turn down sound
|upgrades={{Gc|Overclocker upgrade}}
|nexttier={{Gc|[Macerator 9000!\It's amazing!]Macerator}}
|eu_use2=3 EU/t with lava
|hu_use2=Any less won't work
|ku_use2=On average
|uu=52 mB
Macerator ig.png
Grid Macerator.png
Grid Compressor.png
Grid Extractor.png
Grid Canning Machine.png
Type Machine
Tools Grid Wrench.pngStone Pickaxe
Armor rating 5
Armor toughness 3
Damage 5 Hearts
Durability 300
Mining level Redstone
Stackable Yes (16)
Flammable Yes
Danger Loud
Protection Turn down sound
Storage 3
Liquid Storage 0 mB
Grid Overclocker upgrade.png
Tier Tier-3 (HV)
Previous tier
Grid Generator.png
Next tier
Grid Macerator.png
Energy Consumption
Max EU Input 32 EU/t (LV)
EU Use 2 EU/t
3 EU/t with lava
EU Storage 500 EU
EU Production 5 EU/t
Max EU Output 128 EU/t (MV)
Max Heat Input 50 HU/t
Heat Use 50 HU/t
Any less won't work
Heat Production 0-100 HU/t
Max Kinetic Input 25 KU/t
Kinetic Use 5 KU/t
On average
Kinetic Production 10-30 KU/t
Technical Details
Operation Length 10 Seconds
UU Cost ?
First appearance IC1
Last appearance IC3
ID IC2:blockMachine@1
Flow Speed 5 m/s
Player Speed 2

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