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Template-info.png Documentation
Template:Gin (for Grid, inline, narrowed, or because I like gin for some reason, who knows) used to be an invocation of Template:InlineGrid which made it easier to do the most basic stuff. If you want full functionality, use that instead, since Gin cuts down the options. It no longer references that because of some internal tweaks I wanted to do that were easier to accomplish this way (and also this way it doesn't show as transcluding InlineGrid everywhere). Yay.

Gin is simply 24px image + fore/aft text (+ altlink). No change in tooltip, size, or displayed text (except to not display it).

  • Arg1: name
  • Arg2: text position, 'fore' / 'aft' (default) / anything else is blank
  • Arg3: linkto (blank argument to remove links)

{{Gin|MFSU}}: Grid MFSU.png MFSU - basic

{{Gin|MFSU|}}: Grid MFSU.png - no text

{{Gin|MFSU||}}: Grid MFSU.png - no text and unlinked

{{Gin|Charge Pad (CESU)|fore}}: Charge Pad (CESU) Grid Charge Pad (CESU).png

{{Gin|Charge Pad (CESU)|fore|}}: Charge Pad (CESU) Grid Charge Pad (CESU).png

{{Gin|Charge Pad (CESU)|aft|}}: Grid Charge Pad (CESU).png Charge Pad (CESU)

This used to be 32px, but 24px fits better with the default text size to avoid disrupting paragraph flow. Save 32px images for crafting grids, or examples of setups or something.

This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Doc for more information.