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Simple Documentation

Template:Gin (for Grid, inline, narrowed, or because I like gin for some reason, who knows) is an invocation of Template:InlineGrid which makes it easier to do the most basic stuff. If you want full functionality, use that instead, since Gin cuts down the options.

Gin is simply image + fore/aft text (+ size). No change in tooltip, target link (so this isn't for "Non-IC Items" unless there's an existing redirect), or displayed text.

  • Arg1: name
  • Arg2: text postion, 'fore' / 'aft' / anything else is blank (InlineGrid Arg5)
  • Arg3: size, still 32px default (InlineGrid Arg4)

{{Gin|MFSU}}{{Gin|MFE}}{{Gin|CESU}}: Grid MFSU.png Grid MFE.png Grid CESU.png

{{Gin|MFSU|aft|139}}: Grid MFSU.png MFSU

{{Gin|Charge Pad (CESU)|fore}}: Charge Pad (CESU) Grid Charge Pad (CESU).png

Blanking out Arg3 lets the item display at its own (uploaded) size, note the final pipe here.

{{Gin|Charge Pad (CESU)|fore|}}: Charge Pad (CESU) px