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(A way to do colortext simply, without having to span it all; documentation soon)
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{{#if: {{{1|}}}|<span style="color:{{#switch: {{{1|}}}|yes=green|no=firebrick|maybe=#aa0|rad=#0A0|}}">{{{2}}}</span>|<!-- nothing provided -->}}<noinclude>{{Documentation}}</noinclude>
{{#if: {{{1|}}}|<span style="color:{{#switch: {{{1|}}}|yes=green|no=firebrick|maybe=#aa0|rad=#0A0|}}">{{{2}}}</span>|<!-- nothing provided -->}}<noinclude>{{Ctx/doc}}</noinclude>

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Template-info.png Documentation
A simple way to color text, consistently, without constantly using 'span style color=' etc.

For now the following color options are available: yes, no, maybe, and rad (radiation).

{{Ctx|yes|the color of yes}} = the color of yes

{{Ctx|no|the color of nope.jpg}} = the color of nope.jpg

{{Ctx|maybe|I'm not sure}} = I'm not sure

'''{{Ctx|rad|hazardous to your health}}''' = hazardous to your health

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Ctx/doc. (edit | history)