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i just had a look at the efficency section and thought what about the energy to make a cable? thats electro furnaceing the ore / how many wire are made at once + one rubber and thats not including the macerator tell me it doest add up. better yet im going to do some maths and add that in here.

That would be 625 * 3 + 313 * 3 + 313 * 3 = rage at mac calculator. --Electroduck 00:40, 7 November 2011 (CET)

The total EU cost to make one batch of SU Batteries is 1042 EU calculated from: The cost of processing one piece of coal (625 EU, Macerator), one piece of rubber (313 / 3 = 104.33 EU, Extractor) and one bare copper cable (312.75 EU, Macerator/Furnace).
If the coal dust is hydrated then the batch makes 8 SU Batteries (8000 EU worth). If you take away the cost to make it and the potencail of the coal (4000 EU) and redstone (500 EU) you end up with 2458 EU profit and a more conveinient EU transporting method.
If the coal isn't hydrated then you end up with 542 EU overall loss but still keep the conveinience.Quote.png
by Talonius(reply)