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Glass Cable[edit]

Is there a recipe for 2.X that doesn't require silver? It seems odd that Redpower would be mandatory. --Trifler 04:16, 20 June 2014 (CEST)

Yes click on the silver dust Noname 20:29, 20 September 2014 (CEST)

Agriculture Section[edit]

maybe someone can add the agriculture section, with the Crops, the Cropnalyzer, the Weed-ex, the Hydration Cell etc. thanks.

  • I went ahead and started an Agriculture section after I saw this comment. --Trifler 04:41, 20 June 2014 (CEST)


There are various pages across the wiki that mention obsidian being able to withstand a nuclear explosion, while this page suggests that a nuke can, indeed, destroy obsidian. Which is correct? --Kmartinator 20:01, 20 December 2011 (CET)

Obsidian can't withstand a nuke or nuke plant exploding. It used to be able to though. Mason11987 16:57, 21 December 2011 (CET)

Obsidian can't even resist normal TNT.--2weirdy 19:28, 26 March 2012 (CEST)


I removed this from the main article, it doesn't seem to fit with the clean concise style of this article. I think it would work well if reworked into the Wiring article. Mason11987 20:22, 9 November 2011 (CET)


I was sad when I discovered there was no wiring guide when ID2 came out, so Here's one based on my experimenting. Parts may be wrong, but this is all tested info.

Basic wiring requires an energy source (generator, solar panel, etc.), a storage unit (a batbox, a mfe, or a msu), wiring based on the storage unit (batbox=low=32, mfe=medium=128, msu=high=512), and the machine(s) you are wiring. Cables lose power after a distance, so the most effective way (or my prefered way) to construct any solar generator set-ups is in "solar flowers".

1. place a storage unit at the center of where your making this flower. 2. Using a wrench, you can change the direction the storage unit is taking and delivering energy, so you should dig under the storage unit, and right click it to change the output direction downward, so you can have the input from the the 4 sides and the top, since solar generators need to "see" the sun to get power, they cant be placed under each other. Place up to 4 copper wires out each direction, because after the energy paces 5 cables, 1 energy is lost (assuming the cable is insolated and is copper). This should make a straight line out each side. 3. place 1 cable on each side of the 3rd cableso each row of cables makes a lowercase "t". 4. place the solar panels around the outer side, always touching the cables. If done right, this should now resemble a diagonal square. 5. put generators on top of the cables, to make the most use of the cable space. Lastly, a cable on top of the storage unit allows you to add another solar generator on top of it. 6. Now you need to connect the storage unit to the power in your house. You can use cable to take it to your house, but I would put some storage units every 4 cables to prevent the 5th from losing power. 7. Be aware of the voltage you provide to your home. Most machines require low voltage, and they don't require a constant 32 energy for each tick, they each gulp around 1,2, or 5 energy per tick, but they need a certain amount per function, such as 128 energy to burn something in the electric furnace (not the actual amount, just an example). If you send medium or high voltage power into a machine which requires lower voltage will make the machine and some wiring blow up.

More general tips

The wrench, which is used up after its destroyed, or the electric wrench, which can be recharged at a storage unit, is used to mess with machines in a few ways. It will remove most machines you right click with it, which is better than destroying it cause if you just destroy it instead of remove it, then the machine is destroyed in the process. The other use is it will change the direction of the output for storage units.

The storage units have 1 output slot, the side with the dots, and 5 input slots, where you put the cable to insert energy. Using a wrench on the storage unit does 1 of 2 things, either it will move the output slot to the side you click, or it will remove the machine if you click the output slot. So if you click the storage unit, and it gets reverted into an item, you clicked the output slot.

Different cables hold different amounts of voltage, copper is best for low, gold for medium, and iron for high. However, if your power generators, such as solar panels, are far away from your house, glass fibre cable is best. The higher cables can hold the power from the lower cables, but once the power is higher then the levels (32=low, 128=med 512=high) it is considered the next level up (33=med, 129=high).

When using transformers to change the voltage, it can be frustrating to figure out how they work. You dont need transformers if your combining cables to increase the power inside them, like making a T intersection, but you need transformers to downgrade the energy. You lose the energy is being downgraded. Like storage blocks, using a wrench on transformers will change the input/output directions of the transformer. Unlike storage units, the transformers have 1 input and 5 outputs, and the wrench changes the input.

If you decide to skip transformers, and plug a mfe into a low voltage machine, the wiring and machine will blow up, because there was too much power being brought through. You also cannot get away with just having a copper cable cable coming out, because it can overload too.

Use sand, dirt, or something easy to break, and make some maintenance passages, because I can almost destroy my computer for the amount of coals I burned re walling my place after editing the cable system, adding new lines, new machines, and so on. Tunnels will save alot of time, effort, and resources in the long run.

Because you lose energy over long distances, and fibre cable takes diamonds, I prefer to makes a long system of bat boxes after every 4th cable. The boxes will allow more energy to be held in the system, and you don't lose that 1 energy every 5th cable. But this requires a lot of iron, so if you just want to use the diamond and get the cabling over with...

Lastly, Machines that are set up on the same cables will have to share the power brought through the cable. For example, copper brings in 32 energy, and you have 4 machines set up. The 1st machine takes 7 power, the 2nd takes 8, the 3rd takes 9, and the 4th takes 10. After the 1st, there's 25 power left, after the 2nd there's 17, after the 2rd there's 8, which doesn't leave enough for the 4th. adding a 2nd energy box on the other end would fix this, but beware the price of each machine.

Industrial TNT/ITNT[edit]

Several times on this page, The Industrial TNT is referred to as ITNT. Is there really any benefit to calling it ITNT, or can I change it to 'Industrial TNT'? I personally find the actual name much more readable, and it makes more sense to have the name rather than an abbreviation to me. ( Scarfacial | Talk ) 01:08, 25 February 2012 (UTC)


Actually I tested the watermills on 1.103 and they just produce 500 EU per bucket, but the page mentions that they produce 1000 so I wonder if it changed or it changes in future versions?.--Pokeblink 09:05, 21 March 2013 (CET)

Filling grids[edit]

There are many empty grid spaces which have no item image. However, Russian Minecraft Wiki contains some images of new components. Is it possible to copy images from it to here and vice versa?

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