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I think IC² need something like "gamma-ray pistol" or something much more powerful than the current nano saber, because when you're playing PvP, it's impossible to kill someone wearing a complete quantum suit :/ Maybe a weapon with a high energy cost and special abilities like ignoring 50% of the player's armor could be introduced in the mod, don't you think ?

Re: there is a weapons component currently in progress by the dev team, but its all very hush hush for reasons beyond me. -FF255Away Mon 2:14 26/03/2012

Nano sabres

Does anyone know what effect if any nano sabers have on quantum?

(Taken from Nano Saber page)

"Nano Saber will completely destroy nano and quantum armor, sometimes in single hit (due this you can't get suit by killing it's owner). " --Sbarza 13:37, 12 June 2014 (CEST)