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Regarding "Useful to know"

You don't necessarily need to use a transformer upgrade to allow an overclocked machine to consume more than 32 eu/t, if you have an LV transformer feeding in to said machine, then it's actually receiving 128 eu/t in 4 eu-packets of 32 eu each (limited by the amount of eu/t coming into the transformer, of course, with 128 eu/t being the maximum), which means it won't be starved of eu if it's consumption rate goes beyond 32 eu/t, but it will if it goes past 128 eu/t.

This can be remedied by either giving the machine one transformer upgrade and using an MV transformer instead, which would give it 512 eu/t in 4 eu-packets of 128 eu each. It can also be fixed by adding another LV transformer to the line which would bump up the eu/t in that line to 128 * 2 or 256 eu/t in 8 eu-packets of 32. You can apply this concept further for machines which consume more energy than this using either higher voltage transformers with a respective amount of transformer upgrades in each machine or more transformers per line. Pardon my word choice, but it's difficult to choose the right words to express this concept when switching a few of the words around entirely changes the meaning of what I'm trying to say.

- grim

any numbers?

Useful to know:

It's useful to know that if you need "transformer upgrader" to use more than 32 EU/t, you can ever improve your machines without using it because of their default consumption of 1/2/3 EU/t, and that mean you probably can put 5 overclocker upgrade before using transformer upgrade. (With my theroy, 6 overclocker mean that your machine will use his basic consumption^5, so if it's a macerator: 2^5=2*2*2*2*2=32 EU/t)


I Testing and comparing with excel numbers, and the energy consumption don't increase by 60% Increase by 62,5%, can anyone confirm this?

With 8 Overclock, the consumption to 64 OP(Operation) is 8140 EUs Everyone know, the Recycler consumption is 45 EU per OP(1 EU/t, 20 Ticks per second, 2,25 seconds per operation)

(Basic Mathematics)

1 EU/t * 1.6^8 = 42,9 EU/t 2,25 s * 0.7^8 = 0.129 seconds

42,9*20 = 858 EU/s

858*0.129 = 110.68 EU per operation

64*110.68 EU = 7083.64 EU on 64 operation

Now, using 1.625

1 EU/t * 1.625^8 = 48,62 EU/t 2,25 s * 0.7^8 = 0.129 seconds

48.62*20 = 972.4 EU/s

972.4*0.129 = 125.44 EU per operation

64*125.44 EU = 8028 EU on 64 operation If you sum with 90 machine storage(45 in start and 45 in end) = 8118 8118 is nearest to 8140

If the consumption increase by 60%, the reduction time of operations is wrong

Please, someone, confirm this for me(I tested, but i don't want edit Overclock page without confirm)

(Sorry my Bad english)

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