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Use these. [http://industrialcraft.wikia.com/wiki/UU-Matter_Recipes]
Could someone add actual screenies? I would but I get blocked.
Could someone add actual screenies? I would but I get blocked.

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Could someone add actual screenies? I would but I get blocked.

[removed link since they are "secret" --Golfandsurf 18:57, 17 May 2011 (CEST)]Here's a bunch crappy screenshots of recipes I found. Use these as a reference to make some decent screenshots of them, I wasn't paying attention to my mouse when i took those screenshots. Also I haven't tried crafting UUM with other items yet --Golfandsurf 03:06, 17 May 2011 (CEST)

Quote.pngYou know, we don't need screenies or grtids or something similar. we got a template for it. I will add the recipes.Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)

Quote.pngI don't entirely understand the reason for removing the Matter recipes. Them being "secret" isn't exactly decent justification, as they're available other places online, and a wiki is generally considered to have all the information regarding a topic. Unless the recipes themselves are not finalized.Quote.png
by Eyekantspel(reply)

Quote.pngWell maybe a wiki should have the informations, but i hide them^^ ofc not every secret is documented yet, but i will do it in the future.Quote.png
by Feanturi(reply)

Quote.pngBut these "secrets" are documented. I'm somewhat alien to the concept of hiding information until some unspecified time in the future on a wiki of all things.Quote.png
by Eyekantspel(reply)

Quote.pngAgreed. It should be hidden with a Spoiler tab or something similar, for those who don't want to peek.Quote.png
by scud47(reply)

Quote.pngYeah. Instead of a spoiler tag, though, you could just return to the old style of Secret:whatever but only I guess if Alblaka doesn't mind. By the way, all our secret recipes except the matter ones are documented on the minecraft wiki. If the recipes can be found in other places we may as well add them here, as they aren't that secret.Quote.png
by Supersting(reply)

Quote.pngThe front page says we can post secrets. I don't understand why we can't post the recipes to use UU-matter for, I mean, UU-matter isn't even a secret, and there's about 1,000 literal combinations. Not having the recipes is just plain annoying.Quote.png
by Dragonmystic(reply)

Quote.pngNot being listed also lets them sneakily change around the recipes without telling anyone... the one for uranium seems to have disappeared somewhere between 1.15 and 1.23 for instance.Quote.png
by Maeyanie(reply)

Quote.pngSupersting wrote:
but only I guess if Alblaka doesn't mindQuote.png

Thats the point ;D Al does mind it, when i asked him about secrets and UUM Recipes.Quote.png

by Feanturi(reply)

Quote.pngthere is a way to get a contstantly updated recipes log for uu-matter.it is called the amazing <spoiler>Recipes book! HAHAHAHA </spoiler>Quote.png
by Zulu_217(reply)

Quote.pngSecrets are great for a game, but this is a wiki, and there are no secrets on the internet. The history of this page illustrates my point. I think the idea of hiding recipes doesn't fit with the point of a wiki, or with the point of the whole internet. Spoiler tags actually seem a little unnecessary to me, since the point of a wiki is to give all the information.

Furthermore, what's the point of them being a secret? How are people supposed to find them out? Brute force searching? That's not fun; that's tedious, monotonous, and painful. If there was something like a recipe book built into the game, I would understand encouraging people to find out the recipes on their own, but as the game is now, it's infeasible to discover recipes on one's own. There are 512 possible recipes with a single ingredient, like UU Matter. With all the 260 items in the vanilla game (not counting metadata), there are 5.4*10^21 possible recipes. The point of a minecraft wiki is to give you the answer so you don't have to drudge through these manually.Quote.png

by Thejoshwolfe(reply)

I've search all recipes by trying reandomly possible recipes: They are all letters/geometric forms. And Ura recipes has disapear because of possibly energy gain (the recipes was with 7 UU-matter, and with RP-CASUC you can get more than 8 UU-matter for each Ura)