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The "welcome to the machine" page (tutorial) is very old, quite a few recipes are outdated... It was last updated 10~ months ago. I suggest it is removed (as it may confuse new users!).

(Message to Page editors, Minecraft 1.0.0 is NOT a beta but the offical release, you may wish to correct that. Feel free to remove this message when it has been corrected.) ~Masternetra

Here (in Main Page) are few "" left, wich is seen for default user. If i report it in wrong place - sorry. ~Herbb.

Quote.pngWell yes you are right xD seems i made a mistake, will fix that now. Thanks for reportingQuote.png
by Feanturi(oops)

I've been getting pretty bored/annoyed by all the "HAYO"s on pretty much every page. Would clearing them out where I saw them anger people? -- Norgg 18:16, 29 December 2011 (CET)