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Images referencing things charging in the MFS Unit needs to be updated to the MFSU holding 10,000,000 instead of 3,000,000. Eyekantspel 02:39, 18 October 2011 (CEST)

A message to Legacy (1.5.2 and before) users

Who isn't using experimental version must follow this

MFS Unit stores 10 milions Eu and outputs at HV (512 eu/p)

the The Difference between legacy and experimental:


Batbox (32 eu/p)- MFE (128 eu/p) - MFS Unit (512 eu/p) - HV Transformer in HV to EV mode (2048 eu/p)


Batbox (32 eu/p)- CES Unit (128 eu/p) MFE (512 eu/p) - MFSU (2048 eu/p)

the CES Unit takes the place of the MFE

The MFE takes the place of the MFS Unit

The MFS Unit Is then upgraded to Extreme Voltage