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You can get Iridium Ore from [[UU-Matter]].  That makes Iridium Ore very very expensive and hard to get.  Iridium Ore has a role in making [[Iridium]] Plates.
Currently, Iridium Ore is unmineable and takes a long time to acquire.
== Crafting ==
The crafting recipe isn't given out for obvious reasons.
== Recipes Used In ==
'''Iridium Plate:'''
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Iridium Ore|B1=Advanced Alloy|C1=Iridium Ore
|A2=Advanced Alloy|B2=Diamond|C2=Advanced Alloy
|A3=Iridium Ore|B3=Advanced Alloy|C3=Iridium Ore
|Output=Iridium Plate
If there's no reasons for this mistake (That's the talk, not the page for Iridium ore), I suggest we blank the page.

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