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Is it okay to make pages for all the known crops? I know the official forum has a ban on source-based information, but at the very least the experimentally discovered info should get put up here. I don't mind writing it all up, I just don't want to ruffle any feathers before I do. RestfulMonad 08:40, 30 June 2012 (UTC)

Quote.pngjust navigate to the pages and write in the discussion page something like 'please create the page' ^^Quote.png
by Feanturi(it's okay i think)

About the crops

In the forum have the information about 20 plants of Industrial Craft Can you create 20 pages and put the pages on "Navigation"?

The plant names are: Pumpkin Wheat Dandelion Melon Reed Rose Weed Blackthorn Cyazint Tulip Cocoa Venomilla Stickyreed Hops Nether Wart Terra Wart Ferru Redwheat Coffee Aurelia

I am researching the plants, I would like to contribute to the WIKI with what I find Thanks