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Cooling down hot cell[edit]

Does a cell need to be inside a nuclear reactor to expel heat? Can it be in a chest, or in your inventory, and cool off that way? Do coolant cells cool faster inside a cold reactor rather than a hot reactor?

Found what I think is a error with these[edit]

I discovered that you can put to coolent cells into a crafting box and it produces one. Don't know if it is a error or just meant to trick up noobies.


It's a bug from the issue to repair Tools by adding two in the crafting Grid. As Coolants cells has too a resistance bar (When used in Nuclear Reactor), you can repair them ... works too with Handable Storage Units, as Lapotron Crystal, wich is very stupid ^^

Why change crafting Coolant Cell? Is there a way to return as before?[edit]

IC2 v1.103 and earlier:

   4 tin = 16 empty cells--> 16 empty cells + water --> 16 water cells + extractor --> 16 coolant cells 

IC2 v1.106 and later:

   4 tin + water + crafting table = 1 coolant cell (too expensive);
   64 tin + water + crafting table = 16 coolant cell (too expensive).

Water Cells in Extractor = Hydration Cells[edit]

Unstackable hydration cells are produced when water cells were placed in an extractor! Currently there are 2 only ways of creating coolant cells.