Sticky Resin

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Sticky Resin is a resource added by IC², and is the base form of Grid Rubber.png Rubber.


Sticky Resin has no crafting recipe per se; it is acquired through the use of a Grid Treetap.png Treetap. A Grid Rubber Wood.png Rubber Wood log will occasionally have an orange spot on one face (this regenerates if the tree itself is intact, at least the top leaf blocks), which can be right-clicked with the treetap to produce one or more resin. It's much easier to get resin if you have a larger number of rubber trees planted.

Sticky Resin will also sometimes (rarely) drop when rubber wood is chopped down.


Sticky Resin can either be smelted into a single rubber, or placed in an Grid Extractor.png Extractor to yield 3.

It is also used to craft Grid Sticky Dynamite.png Sticky Dynamite and Grid Resin Sheet.png Resin Sheet.


With a NEW NEW NEW Treetap, you can now get perfect Resin!

Just stab it into a soft spot in the bark of a Rubber Tree and the sticky gold will flow!

You can use Sticky Resin for producing Rubber or even slowing people and animals down! HAYO!