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  • == Move info from Overclocker upgrade page here? == ...think we should move some information from there to here and redirect that page here.
    298 bytes (45 words) - 22:49, 9 April 2017
  • By reaching this page, the item you have tried to add into a template has either not been supplie [[Category:Information Page]]
    441 bytes (64 words) - 19:23, 22 September 2014
  • ==Welcome to my user page!== I like to edit things, a LOT, I find a lot of information on the wiki is too verbose or confusing.
    497 bytes (93 words) - 17:23, 15 April 2012
  • ...lly, what is the source of the information under the HAYO headings on each page? Is it somewhere on the industrial craft forums? Is it "anything goes" as l ...rmation was deliberately vague to encourage people to fill the rest of the page in (not at all because no one knew how to use stuff apart from the devs). T
    1 KB (169 words) - 10:52, 22 May 2015
  • ...r all the known crops? I know the official forum has a ban on source-based information, but at the very least the experimentally discovered info should get put up ...e pages and write in the discussion page something like 'please create the page' ^^}}
    931 bytes (154 words) - 19:39, 24 July 2012
  • transcluded into the main template page. See [[Template:Doc]] for more information.</p>[[Category:Documentation templates|{{BASEPAGENAME}}]] |<!--
    892 bytes (108 words) - 19:58, 8 March 2015
  • | <!-- doc page --> ...PACE}}}} template page | {{ #if: {{SUBJECTSPACE}} |{{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} page|article}}}}}}}}.
    1 KB (129 words) - 20:18, 23 April 2011
  • ...we are to update the information to the latest experimental editions this page is hopelessly outdated. I tested yesterday, a Solar Panel connected to Unin
    584 bytes (90 words) - 22:02, 25 June 2015
  • |question=How do I create a new page? ...needed page and write down there a request, in which you mention, why this page should be created. An admin will answer on the request as fast as possible.
    5 KB (807 words) - 23:01, 23 February 2015
  • This page has been updated to v2.8.x of IC2 for MC 1.12.x. Some of the information might not apply to older versions of IC2.'''
    1,012 bytes (159 words) - 02:02, 30 July 2019
  • ...le other places online, and a wiki is generally considered to have all the information regarding a topic. Unless the recipes themselves are not finalized.}} ...hese "secrets" are documented. I'm somewhat alien to the concept of hiding information until some unspecified time in the future on a wiki of all things.}}
    5 KB (783 words) - 06:57, 3 July 2014
  • ...ty major bugs regarding teleporters. Either that or a lot of not disclosed information regarding their functioning. For example, when holding a cleared (empty) Fr slightly less influenced by range.". This suggests the formulæ on this page are wrong.
    2 KB (279 words) - 14:32, 5 August 2012
  • Hi, i'm Sbarza. I can't see the Nightvision Goggles page. Does it exist? i want to craft them but i don't know how to do it. Please ...there could be a tutorial page that teach how to do this. I can make this page, but if only the admins can create new pages, then I couldn't.
    7 KB (1,186 words) - 08:56, 30 September 2017
  • it takes 9.25 seconds per operation but the table at the bottom of that page says it takes 10s per operation. I think the later is more likely, either
    1 KB (183 words) - 13:50, 23 June 2015
  • <font size="3"><span style="color:#5d5d5d">'''Welcome to my talk page!''' Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.<br/>You can also messag ...e new geothermal generator. I'm editing it's pages and want to include new information. Can you make the grid, please??
    4 KB (609 words) - 17:00, 28 September 2022
  • '''<big>DEMO PAGE, PROBABLY OUTDATED BUT I CANNOT FIND ANY MORE CURRENT INFORMATION. NO EVIDENCE OF PACKETS INGAME.</big>'''--[[User:Max Shen|Max Shen]] ([[Use ...rmal talk can just go here for now, I guess. I just didn't want the actual page to be filled with misinformation, in case there is some here (since it is l
    8 KB (1,322 words) - 09:44, 1 March 2015
  • For more detailed information on how to set up multiple Solar Flowers, email me at == New page for the new solar panels ==
    3 KB (568 words) - 20:54, 20 April 2012
  • You can send me requests for support as well as requests for new page creation. Can you upload (or give me the right to do it) this files (for nuclear wiki page) :
    7 KB (1,224 words) - 00:31, 20 June 2016
  • Yes ofc. please^^ maybe you could add comments in the edit, with some information, so i can learn a bit^^ by the way, i cannot even make my own user-page?
    3 KB (530 words) - 00:10, 18 January 2013
  • This page has been updated to v2.8.x of IC2 for MC 1.12.x. Some of the information might not apply to older versions of IC2.'''
    3 KB (450 words) - 02:26, 30 July 2019

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