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Silver is a metal resource added by IC², but not generated as ore. Absent any other mods that generate it, silver is only acquired by processing Grid Gold Ore.png Gold Ore.


These forms of silver are seen during ore processing (the first two only if silver ore is generated):

If silver ore is not generated, silver dust is acquired (in tiny piles) by running Grid Crushed Gold Ore.png Crushed Gold Ore or Grid Purified Crushed Gold Ore.png Purified Crushed Gold Ore through a Grid Thermal Centrifuge.png Thermal Centrifuge.

Silver is not used in metal shaping. Currently[2.6.133] its only non-dust form is as Grid Silver Ingot.png Silver Ingot when smelted (which has no use, really).


Silver has a single use, albeit an extremely important one: crafting Grid Glass Fibre Cable.png Glass Fibre Cables.

Each Grid Gold Ore.png Gold Ore you process will only get you 2x Grid Tiny Pile of Silver Dust.png Tiny Pile of Silver Dust, so 9 ore will get you enough for 2x Grid Silver Dust.png Silver Dust. Treasure your gold!