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The SMP-Client is finished and released!


Download from Mediafire

Download from


The folder "server" can be ignored, unless you want to install IndustrialCraft on your own server.

To do this, first install the SDK MP ModLoader Server (or patch your minecraft_server.jar to become one).

You need the server-sided ModLoader MP, don't try the one you downloaded for your client!

Then just drop all content of the "server" folder into your minecraft_server.jar.

Take note:

IC SMP is currently VERY bugged. Make backups of your worlds or you WILL be sorry. Seriously.

As well, new ores will not spawn in server-generated worlds. It's highly advised to use pre-generated worlds. F.e. you could start up SSP, run around,

exploring 1000 chunks and then use this world as base for your server. Due to tin and copper being spawned alot (in SSP),

you can be sure not to run out of these materials for a long time.

As well, i'm not aware how exactly (IF, at all) the server reads the config file. Changing IDs via the config file can cause major crashes on players trying to connect with a different config. Keep that in mind.

As well: The Industrially Improved Pickaxe is included in the server download via default. There is no Nanosuit file for SMP yet, though.

(Please do not attempt to use the SSP one. It WILL crash)


If you have trouble with installing the server. Read following errors first:

Problem: If i put stuff in the crafting window, it displays the item, but i can't take it from the slot.
Solution: The server you're playing one is not (properly) modified. Ask the server admin to check the installation instructions.
Problem: ClassNotFoundException Solution: You've forgot one or more files, probably a prequesite mod.
Problem: After modifying the minecraft.jar, nothing changes. I can't use new recipes and don't find any new ore. Solution: You probably forgot to install ModLoader as well. No ModLoader, no mod being loaded.


Industrial Rage
Version: V2.8.221

Gults Gorge IP: Version: V2.8.221

Ceto (24/7-Texas[dedicated]) IP: (Mostly static...) Version: V2.8.221 Whitelist

OutlandCraft IP: Version: V2.8.221 Graylist

MineKraft IP: Version: V2.8.221 No-Whitelist