Reinforced Stone

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Reinforced Stone
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Grid Reinforced Stone.png
Type Block
Tool  ?
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Stackable Yes (64)
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This material is explosion resistant, and is a good choice for building a Creeper/TNT safe bunker.

Reinforced Stone can withstand a nuclear explosion, if you build a wall with at least 4 blocks. It can also be used to craft the Reinforced Door.

A single block-thick wall will mitigate most reactor explosions and most of a nuclear blast, while a double block thick wall will completely neutralize any nuclear blast. (IC2v1.9)

  • A single block wall (57 blocks total) consists of a 5x5x3 foundation with 3x3x2 core space. This does not include a ceiling, assuming the top of the reactor opens into clear sky.
  • A double block wall (178 blocks total) consists of a 7x7x4 foundation with a 3x3x2 core. This also does not include a ceiling.

In IC2.x, Reinforced Stone is no longer made with a crafting recipe. Rather by Spraying CF Powder from a CF Sprayer onto Iron Scaffold When the Construction Foam hardens around the scaffold, it turns into Reinforced Stone.


Grid Reinforced Stone.png
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