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Recycler ig.png
Grid Recycler.png
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench.png
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Stackable Yes (64)
Flammable No
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The Recycler is a electric machine that will process most blocks or items. Every operation over suitable block\item have a 12.5% chance of producing Scrap.


Grid Dirt.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Glowstone Dust.png
Grid Compressor.png
Grid Dirt.png

Grid Dirt.png
Grid Refined Iron.png
Grid Recycler.png


Grid Cobblestone.png
Grid RE Battery (Charged).png
Grid Some random scrap.png

Black list

There is COMPLETE black list of items that ship with mod. Blacklisted items will be consumed in process but won't produce any scrap.

  • Glass Panes
  • Sticks
  • Snowballs
  • Scaffolds
  • ANY item or block defined by SMP administrator


Fastest electric machine in mod.


Input 45 (1 EU/t)
Output -
Storage 45

Maximum Input: T1