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#REDIRECT [[Reactor Coolant Injector]]
The '''Reactor Coolant Injector (LZH)''' is a machine that will automatically refill [[LZH-Condensator]]s in the targeted [[Nuclear Reactor]], using [[Lapis Lazuli Block]]s. The targeted reactor can be set by right-clicking the opposite side with a [[Wrench]]. An LZH-Condensator will be refilled when it reaches below 25% durability (25000/100000 Heat). The Reactor Coolant Injector will not accept power directly from any adjacent [[Nuclear Reactor]] or [[Reactor Chamber]].
== Cost ==
As one Lapis Lazuli can refill 40k heat when crafted manually, and the injector will refill at least 75k heat with 9 Lapis Lazuli, this makes the Reactor Coolant Injector 4.8x more expensive than manually refilling the Condensators. However, it is balanced by allowing the Condensators to remain active within the reactor the entire time.
== Recipe ==
{{Grid/Crafting Table
|A1=Ejector Upgrade|B1=LZH-Condensator|C1=Ejector Upgrade
|A2=LZH-Condensator|B2=Advanced Machine Casing|C2=LZH-Condensator
|A3=Ejector Upgrade|B3=Compact Item Buffer|C3=Ejector Upgrade
|Output=Reactor Coolant Injector (LZH)

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