QuantumSuit Helmet

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This. is endgame mod related piece of armor. It's extremely powerful, but also extremely expensive, require two Iridium Plates to craft. Cannot be enchanted.

Special effects (calculated every tick, in provided order):

  • recharge underwater breath bar (1000 EU);
  • replenish the hunger bar (10k EU per 1 food unit, with zero saturation);
  • cure poison (10k EU per poison level);
  • cure radiation (20k EU per radiation level);
  • cure wither (25k EU per wither level);

Energy manipulation

  • Quantum armor is T3 electric item with 1kk (million) EU storage and transfer rate of 1000, can be recharged only in [MFSU];
  • Each hit will drain atleast 900 EU from every part of suit.


Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Nano-Helmet.png
Grid Lapotron Crystal.png
Grid Reinforced Glass.png

Grid Iridium Plate.png
Grid Advanced Circuit.png
Grid Quantum-Helmet.png

Grid Quantum-Helmet.png