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Pipes are a block similar to cables, used to transfer liquids instead of EU. They come in 4 sizes: tiny, small, medium and large, and 2 varieties: bronze and steel. Steel pipes can carry and hold twice as their bronze counterparts, but take more work to create. Pipes will not connect to each other normally, and instead must be connected with the a Wrench (New), henceforth referred to just as "Wrench". Normal wrenches and Electric Wrenches will not work.


When placed in the world, pipes will not automatically connect to each other or to blocks/machines. Rather, when the Wrench is equipped and a pipe is looked at, a transparent box will appear around it. This box is divided into 9 sections. The middle is currently unused. Otherwise, right-clicking the section nearest/between the lengths of pipe you wish to connect will connect them together. All 4 adjacent directions, relative to where the user is facing (E.g, forward: up, right, left, down, Down: forward, right, backwards, left, etc.) can be used in this way to make directions, while clicking any of the 4 corners will affect the opposite side, making only 1 direction, directly behind the player, inaccessible. There are currently no limitations on what pipes can be connected, meaning all 4 sizes and both material types of pipes can be connected.

Note: changing pipe connections using the Wrench will not deplete its durability.

Transfer Rates & Internal Capacities[edit]

Each pipe has a transfer rate and an internal capacity, which are equal to each other. The transfer capacity is how many mbs (milliblocks) of fluid can move through the length of pipe, measure in mbs/second. The internal capacity is how much liquid is able to sit in the pipe at any given time, measured simply in mbs. When pipes transfer fluids, it is possible for the recipient inventory to become full while fluid is still in the pipes connected to it. When this happens, those fluids remain in the pipes, up to the internal capacity, until room becomes available or the pipe is broken, destroying any fluid inside in the case of the latter.

Tiny Small Medium Large
Bronze 400 800 2400 4800
Steel 800 1600 4800 9600