Ore Washing Plant

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Wishing that you can have more ingots for less ore? Well, wish fulfilled! Introducing the brand new shiny Ore Washing Plant! It can "wash" your crushed ores and purify them (similar to the thermal centrifuge)! You will know why this can increase your ore output rate later down the line.


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To use the ore washing plant, there are several requirements that it needs. Here are the following things that you need before you start:

  1. Constant supply of energy with no EUP greater than 32 EU.
  2. Steady stream of water via pumps or water brought in through containers.
  3. Your crushed ores.
  4. And, patience. It takes time to purify those ores!

After the purifying process, you should see that you have the purified crushed ore, some stone dust and a tiny pile of that ore you purify. Now, this tiny pile of purified ore is the secret to more ingots. 9 pieces of that tiny pile of ore in a crafting table leads to a regular dust of the ore that you purified. Take that and smelt it in the furnace.

Note: You can only get uranium from a thermal centrifuge and not the ore washing plant! Well, that's what the centrifuge is for.

Energy Properties

Power usage: 16 EU/tick

Maximum Input before exploding: 32 EUP (LV/low voltage unless upgraded with transformer upgrades)