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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Grid/FluidHandler/doc

local fluidhandler = {
  --[[valid containers to rename to]]
  ['Universal Fluid Cell']="Universal Fluid Cell",
  ['UFC']="Universal Fluid Cell",
  ['Fluid Cell']="Universal Fluid Cell",
  ['FluidCell']="Universal Fluid Cell",
  --[[valid fluids to rename to]]
  ['IC2 Coolant']="IC2 Coolant",
  ['Coolant']="IC2 Coolant",
  ['Coolant (Fluid)']="IC2 Coolant",
  ['IC2 Hot Coolant']="IC2 Hot Coolant",
  ['Hot Coolant']="IC2 Hot Coolant",
  ['Hot coolant']="IC2 Hot Coolant",
  ['Distilled Water']="Distilled Water",
  ['Construction Foam']="Construction Foam",
  ['CF']="Construction Foam",
  ['Compressed Air']="Air",
  ['Heavy Water']="Heavy Water",
  ['Hotspring Water']="Hotspring Water",
  ['Pahoehoe Lava']="Pahoehoe Lava",
  ['Superheated Steam']="Superheated Steam",
  ['UU Matter']="UU-Matter",
return fluidhandler